Jim Lentz Named CEO Of Toyota Motor Sales North America, First American Appointed To Post

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
jim lentz named ceo of toyota motor sales north america first american appointed to

Toyota COO Jim Lentz will be getting a new role – CEO of Toyota Motor Sales North America. The announcement was buried in a press release announcing other management changes at Toyota’s stateside operations.

Lentz is the first American to occupy this post, a significant development that was given scant mention the in the press release. The focus appeared to be the appointment of Shigeki Terashi as President and COO of Toyota Motor North America, the holding company that oversees Toyota’s American operations. Lentz became known for his public defenses of Toyota during their unintended acceleration scandal in 2009 and 2010.

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  • Oren Weizman Oren Weizman on Mar 13, 2012

    Toyota is doing pretty OK so far in 2012 so IMHO, congrats, now can we have the FUCKING SUPRA ALREADY

  • Herb Herb on Mar 13, 2012

    Well, how many American CEOs in the Japanese car industry do you know?

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    • Helius Helius on Mar 13, 2012

      Wasn't Mark Fields the CEO of Mazda for awhile? And while we're at it, the CEOs of Ford when they had a controlling interest in Mazda (1996-2009): William Clay Ford Jr and Alan Mullaly.

  • Piffpaff Piffpaff on Mar 13, 2012

    first american as head of toyota us you say - what about jim press? he was even on the board of toyota in japan before he spiralled downwards with chrysler.

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    • Type57SC Type57SC on Mar 14, 2012

      @84Cressida money. lots of money

  • Rod Panhard Rod Panhard on Mar 14, 2012

    Congratulations to Mr. Lentz and his family. They must be proud.