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After a rash of crashes involving pricey supercars in China, a bus company in Jinghua, China, is taking action. It teaches its bus drivers:

a.)    How to spot a super car

b.)    How much that super car costs.

Not in order to raise brand awareness amongst its bus drivers. Carnewschina explains that the insurance usually only covers the first 200,000 yuan ($32,000.) Anything above that comes out of the pocket of the crashor. You have to sell a lot of bus tickets to make up for a bus that plowed into a Rolls.

To mitigate the possible damage, these posters appeared on the walls of the bus company. The posters show the logo of the super car manufacturer and the average price in China. The 500 next to the Maybach indicate 5 million yuan ($800,000.)  About right. Ouch.

The only problem: By the time you are close enough to see the logo, it’s usually too late.

Nitpicking Carnewschina misses Porsche on the list, and deduces that the Zuffenhausen cars can be “freely crashed.”

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10 Comments on “Chinese Bus Drivers Told Not To Total Super Cars...”

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    I thought I knew most brands of extremely expensive cars, but I don’t know either of the top two! Can anyone tell us what they are?


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    Then you have to make sure your drivers know how to read or at least spell English. I mean how often do you see a Bugatti in the USA, only saw one once in Washington DC.

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    No Ford logo?!

    I is outraged.

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    I believe this article.

    When I am in China I observed this unofficial hierarchy of who gets the right of way.
    1. Bus – They can do anything. Just pull out into traffic after a drop-off/pick-up without looking.
    2. Government official – usually with an escort.
    3. Taxi – Watch out on the sidewalks too!
    4. Trucks (always blue) – They must think they are hipermiling and cannot stop! You must stop and yield since I can take you out.
    5. Status German car – “I am better than you!”
    6. Mini-commercial van- I got things to do!
    7. Regular passenger car – “Yeah, I am better than you also!”
    8. Motorcycles & electric Mopeds – What brakes? What helmet?
    9. Bicycle – Dare me -I will sue if you hit me!
    10 Pedestrian – Strength in numbers – Cross the street in packs.

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      You should see them on the freeways in Shenzhen. They don’t have to stop to pick up people, so they do 20kph over the speed limit on the shoulder, because most everyone else (except the taxis) is driving 20kph under the speed limit.

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    Granted, I’ve never been to China, but why would you have to treat supercars differently than any other car in traffic (other than trying not to get too distracted)? Isn’t this encouraging distraction in itself?

    I mean, wouldn’t it be better just to teach keeping distance in general?

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    Darth Lefty

    I would personally consider this a list of targets. You could keep track of your value, like the tonnage sunk by your submarine.

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