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Long-time TTACers know that it’s usually possible to request your humble author as an instructor at any TrackDAZE event. If you secretly want to beat me up, and you’re too lazy to drive to central Ohio, this can be a good way to save yourself a trip. I will be attending several of their 2012 events with my anything but trusty Boxster Anniversary Edition and/or my Plymouth Neon racer.

This year, however, the nice people at TrackDAZE have a new option for instruction, and it’s an even better idea than letting me boss you and your triple-supercharged Corvette Z07 around VIR.

Everybody in the race game knows who Peter Krause is: he’s the bow-tied savant who turns orthodontists into dominating race drivers and plastic surgeons into track-record holders. If you’ve come into a major sum of money lately and you’re determined to humiliate every other nouveau in your Ferrari Challenge region, Mr. Krause is your boy. Make no mistake, though… it takes big money to hire the man, because he’s worth it.

Until now. The new TrackDAZE RDE program allows drivers to work directly with Mr. Krause and his staff of instructors during the course of a regular TrackDAZE weekend. This is a great idea for drivers who have progressed about as far as they can with volunteer or pickup instruction and want to take the next step into winning time trials, races, and non-competitive trackdays which WE ALL KNOW are secretly races.

Check the guys out at TrackDAZE, and tell them TTAC sent you.

Full disclosure: Although I haven’t received cash or prizes from the TrackDAZE staff, I did borrow $5 once from Jon Felton and I’ve been avoiding him ever since. So until I pay him back, that’s a $5 in-kind benefit, which basically means you should ignore everything I said above, the same way you should ignore everything you read in MotorTrend about how great GM vehicles are — JB

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21 Comments on “Shameless Plug: Learn To Drive With Me (Or Someone Even Better)...”

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    The ‘full disclosure’ epilogue is brilliant.

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    Could he teach me to beat those Corvettes in my Fiat is the question.

    • 0 avatar

      If you had a British car he could no doubt teach you to use the leaking oil to your advantage – not sure what Italian car stereotype would work for your Fiat.

      • 0 avatar

        Former Fiat owners tell me they never changed the oil, just the filter. The oil never stayed in the engine long enough to break down. One guy referred to it as a “flow through” lubrication system.

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    Jack you’ve really got to chill when it comes to GM and MotorTrend. There are a lot of us out here that love your stuff and are very happy to know you’re out there truly pressure testing the latest cars and marketing hype. That said I’m pretty certain if you continue to speak truth to power there will soon be a small hit squad looking to not only end your life but do it in a way that will be very painful :-0

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    Could this glowing praise be the result of Mr. Krause allowing you unrestricted access to his ’08 Sebring convertible AND his considerable collection of Rush CDs? Three years from now I don’t want to find myself reading a post where you feel forced to recommend a Toyota Camry over Peter Krause!

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    Best “disclosure” ever.
    I read it again and again with every time cracking me up…


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    You and Mr. Krause would be too much for me to handle; I’ll watch from the sidelines. :)

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    Jon Felton

    $5? I thought it was $50!

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    I really appreciate the fact that your Boxster is the Wayne Gretzky of Mid-Ohio

    No, really.

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    JB –

    Anything similar in the Wisconsin/ Northern Illinois area?

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    ” non-competitive trackdays which WE ALL KNOW are secretly races. ”

    Now THAT’S a Truth About Cars statement!

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    Byron Hurd

    TrackDaze has always been good to us SSL and TTAC folks, and they’re a great group to work with. Can’t go wrong.

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    I tracked with Trackdaze last year, and it was a very well run organization. I might have to hit them up again this year if my schedule works.

    • 0 avatar

      TrackDaze does run a good show, and they give drivers a bit more privileges than some other groups with regard to passing, etc.

      I hope to catch you at an event, Duffman. I was in the red RS 4 that paddocked with you at Summit. :)

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    The best way to learn to drive fast is in a kart.

    Ask Schumi where he learned how to go fast.

    Senna referred to karting as “the truth.”

    Cars and karts are definitely different. However if you can be fast in a kart you can be fast in anything. The only vehicles with similar capabilities are faster open wheel formula cars. When I say “faster” I mean a Formula Atlantic or beyond.

    A kart will destroy a Formula Ford or any of the smaller formula cars used at Skip Barber or similar driving schools.

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      Jack Baruth

      Most adults have no interest in driving, or racing, go-karts, regardless of the merits from a driver development or competitive perspective.

      Go to a NASA race sometime, too, and see how physically large most of the drivers are. The average self-funded driver is a big guy, because big guys have the edge in this country. I’ve been in drivers’ meetings where half of the people were taller and/or wider than I am, and I’m not a tiny d00d.

      Make no mistake: anybody who wants to race for a living should be in a kart by their eighth birthday. But nobody in the US imagines themselves racing karts at the age of 50. They imagine themselves racing cars, or driving their street cars with skill.

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    Jack, planning on hitting any LeMons races this year?

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