Ask The Best & Brightest: Your Album Cover Car?

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
ask the best brightest your album cover car
I was thumbing through the latest issue of Living Blues magazine, looking for authentically bluesy phrases, both musical and lyrical, to repeat as if they were my own invention, when I saw this cover.Putting crapwagons on the cover is a bit of a hipster-esque affectation nowadays, but I get the sense that Mr. Bailey has that ’93-96 Regal on the cover just because, you know, that’s his car. It’s always been hard to make a living playing music and nowadays it’s tougher than ever. Nor is the blues customer particularly interested in seeing some sort of Scott-Storch-esque lineup of recently-purchased, already-in-stock “exotic” cars.I’ve been working on cover ideas for my personal blues/rock album, to be released when I get around to it. My best idea so far has been unfairly criticized as derivative (warning: image contains explicit language and Jeff Beck-related sarcasm). Perhaps I need to find a Regal and stand in front of the thing. What about you? What car would be on the front cover of your album?
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  • Crabspirits Crabspirits on Jan 24, 2012

    A '46 Buick Super 2-door fastback. The driver is wearing a white T and a fedora. It's slammed to the highway. It's body covered in heavy surface rust, it's flanks adorned with weathered salvage yard markings. It's pulling a rusty trailer while belching thick black diesel smoke. The trailer's safety chains are excessively long, throwing sparks everywhere. On the trailer is a bullet-riddled Smart Car with a blood-spattered windshield. In the adjacent lane is a Toyota Highlander with a dorky kid looking out a window, wearing a stunned expression. EXPANSION JOINT

  • Felis Concolor Felis Concolor on Jan 24, 2012

    I'd use my dazzle-painted Pinzgauer and attempt to duplicate the same shot angle, only instead of the Rodia Towers it would be Bishop Castle in the background.

  • DasFast DasFast on Jan 25, 2012

    Although not my concept, as an Albertan I'll gladly allow guitar god Gordie Johnson to figure it out for me; note the plate... Big Sugar also named an album Hemi-Vision.

  • Detroitcarguy313 Detroitcarguy313 on Feb 13, 2012

    a 1978-1987 GM A/G-Body, more than likely an Olds Cutlass Supreme, or Pontiac Grand Prix with T-Tops. Or perhaps a 1990-1993 Chevy 454 SS with 100 spoke Dayton wire rims. I know one thing, it wouldn't be anything foreign.