1949: Architectural Illustrators Need Tailfins To Sell Buildings!

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
1949 architectural illustrators need tailfins to sell buildings

While waiting for my wife to stagger out of the dentist’s chair after a root canal, I grew bored with the October, 1994 issue of Highlights and other similar waiting-room reading material and noticed this painting on the wall. It turned out to be the illustration made by the Denver architectural firm that built the dentist’s office building, back in 1949.

Look at those fins! Harley Earl generally gets the credit for the first postwar Detroit tailfins, which went on the ’48 Cadillac. It wasn’t long before artists trying to pitch building plans started adding this futuristic styling element to the idealized cars in their illustrations. Sure, it looked dated as hell 15 years later, but by then you saw Chrysler Turbine-influenced cars gracing these paintings.

You’ve really got to admire the snazzily-dressed gentleman— no doubt heading out to his parked Caddy— giving the once-over-twice to the babe with the 11″ waist. Owooooo!

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