You Know You Have Been In Japan For Too Long, If ...

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
you know you have been in japan for too long if

I was still a little shook-up from the treatment administered by Matsuda-san, and it must have shown. “Why don’t you get some fresh air?” was the polite Japanese suggestion.

An Infiniti G37 Convertible was the appropriate way to enhance the flow of seaside breeze around my still pale nose. I sat down. Buckled up. Pushed start. Put the 7 speed automatic into drive. Put my hands on the steering wheel. However …

… there was no steering wheel. The spot where they have a steering wheel in countries such as Japan, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and the U.S. Virgin Islands gave me a nicely appointed, but nonetheless blank stare. I sat in the right place.

But I was slipped an export model, with the steering on the left. Sheepishly, I traded places. Everybody pretended not to have seen.

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  • Lutecia Lutecia on Nov 06, 2011

    I also have had my shares of LHD and RHD cars (respectively 3 and 1 currently) and i frequently open the passenger door, or drive on the wrong side of the road... But you can't match the French cars. They don't change most stuff ... My RHD Clio has the bonnet release on the passenger side (close to the door) same for the seatbelt warning light (at the left of the satnav screen, so on the passenger side), the handbrake is closer to the passenger seat too (they squeezed the cruise control main switch there). Plenty little details, but at least the wipers are wiping from left to right, unlike the previous model!

  • Ringomon Ringomon on Nov 07, 2011

    Every so often when walking out to the car my wife, who is Japanese, goes and stands next to the driver's door. (I was going to write "my Japanese wife", but that sounded like I had multiple wives of different nationalities). I say, "Oh, are you going to drive?" She says: "matigaetta." (whoops- wrong side.)

  • Jeff S The Cybertruck is one of the most hyped vehicles in decades.
  • Nrd515 This is all I could think of seeing this. I saw it in the theater with my dad about 59 years or so ago:
  • Art Vandelay I have no illusions tha my Challenger was going to be a car I wanted to own 10 seconds out of warranty. Fun, sure. Fun in 8 years? Hard pass based on the 2 years I had it
  • ToolGuy Weren't some of the most powerful engines in the M4 Sherman air-cooled? (And supercharged.)
  • ToolGuy "I installed oil temp and cylinder head temp gauges on various vehicles I was driving, so I could monitor how the engine was doing. I switched from my normal 20W50 and dropped to 15W40 oil and put down thousands of miles. Within that time, I saw a noticeable decrease in oil temps and even cylinder head temps while driving in different situations."ToolGuy has great admiration for your use of the scientific method in conducting original research.