TTAC's Black Friday Special: Corvette Crashes

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth

Our friends at Jalopnik posted this unfortunate street-racing episode earlier today… but I happened to find it from another link, that of a Corvette crashing during a rather poorly-run autocross. Click the link for a few recent Corvette crash videos which have made it to the ‘Tube…

A Corvette bangs a curb mad hard during an autocross, yo. Who runs a high-speed slalom next to an autocross? Not the SCCA, I will tell you that. This one was run by “SpeedVentures”. But what’s more interesting than a Corvette hitting a curb during an autocross?

That’s right! A Corvette HITTING A SPECTATOR!

How about a Corvette crashing during a back-road run? Cut and paste

into your browser. But come right back, so you can see this video from a “Cars and Coffee”:

More bumping Corvettes…

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  • Quentin Quentin on Nov 26, 2011

    My favorite part of the first video was when the jogging parent and cycling child cross the street ahead. Then the cyclist makes a right turn beside them. Wasn't that indication enough that there are pedestrians around?! That sort of behavior makes me stabby. The one vette taking out the other was the perfect end.

  • Pb35 Pb35 on Nov 27, 2011

    When I was younger, the C3 Vettes that I had access to didn't have enough power to spin the tires, much less spin out of control. Boneheads.

  • Mark MacInnis Mark MacInnis on Nov 28, 2011

    Dick measuring contest gone bad....never a good thing when. Street racing is never a good thing, and especially not when the following formula is true Horsepower > Self-perceived penis-length x IQ

  • NorthwestT NorthwestT on Nov 28, 2011

    Nice collection. I'm looking forward to Jack's tutorial. How do you crash in a straightline drag race? Seems super common, but seriously, how do you do it?