Mitsubishi: It's A Mundane, Mundane, Mundane World (Car)

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
mitsubishi it s a mundane mundane mundane world car

Mitsubishi didn’t exactly light the world on fire when it released its Global Small concept (left) at this year’s Geneva Auto Show… but now that concept has become reality (right), it’s even more clear that Mitsu’s mojo has been lost in the unglamorous world of basic transportation for emerging markets. It’s not clear if the Thai-built Colt/Mirage will make it to the brand’s US lineup, but if it does i certainly won’t help turn around Mitsubishi’s dowdy image here. The only way to make this car any more mundane would be to debadge it completely. Slightly less prosaic but still quite underwhelming: the Grand Cherokee-meets-Range Rover Evoque update to the Outlander, shown in the plug-in hybrid concept PX-MIEV II. Though none of Mitsu’s new designs are actively offensive, their dullness speaks to some serious creative malaise… especially in contrast to the vibrantly creative Japanese designs that are headed to the Tokyo Auto Show. Perhaps we’ve solved the mystery of Mitsubishi’s disappearing US sales staff?

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  • Fred schumacher Fred schumacher on Nov 13, 2011

    I don't see the problem. It looks like a generic supermini. There's only so much that can be done within the dimension and cost constraints. My one experience with Mitsubishis is the 1986 Colt Vista 4WD wagon we had in the early 90s. My wife commuted with it to International Falls -- 168 mile round trip -- one winter. She'd leave at 5 AM, and it got her through on unplowed roads, but the car was a lemon. It was unnecessarily complex and had more relays than an Olympics race. I sold it cheap and bought a Plymouth Sundance, which was trouble free until road salt and frost heaved roads built on muskeg did it in at 230,000 miles.

  • Dastanley Dastanley on Nov 13, 2011

    I saw on Yahoo news the other day that the Mitsubishi Galant was one of the most stolen cars in America. Other than test driving a Montero many years ago, I've never really taken much notice of MMC. The Mitsubishi dealer here in Farmington, NM is also the Mazda and Suzuki dealer.

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    • Dastanley Dastanley on Nov 13, 2011

      @kvndoom Yeah, it's kind of a sad little dealership, owned by the same man as the GMC/Buick (and formerly Pontiac) dealership across town.

  • Jeff S I don't believe gm will die but that it will continue to shrink in product and market share and it will probably be acquired by a foreign manufacturer. I doubt gm lacks funds as it did in 2008 and that they have more than enough cash at hand but gm will not expand as it did in the past and the emphasis is more on profitability and cutting costs to the bone. Making gm a more attractive takeover target and cut costs at the expense of more desirable and reliable products. At the time of Farago's article I was in favor of the Government bailout more to save jobs and suppliers but today I would not be in favor of the bailout. My opinions on gm have changed since 2008 and 2009 and now I really don't care if gm survives or not.
  • Kwik_Shift I was a GM fan boy until it ended in 2013 when I traded in my Avalanche to go over to Nissan.
  • Stuart de Baker I didn't bother to read this article. I'll wait until a definitive headline comes out, and I'll be surprised if Tesla actually produces the Cybertruck. It certainly looks impractical for both snowy and hot sunny weather.
  • Stuart de Baker This is very interesting information. I was in no danger of buying a Tesla. I love my '08 Civic (stick), and it feels just as responsive as when I bought it 11 years ago with 35k on the clock (now 151k), and barring mishaps, I plan to keep it for the next 25 years or so, which would put me into my mid-90s, assuming I live that long. On your information, I will avoid renting Teslas.
  • RHD The only people who would buy this would be those convinced by a website that they are great, and order one sight-unseen. They would have to have be completely out of touch with every form of media for the last year. There might actually be a few of these people, but not very many. They would also have to be completely ignorant of the Hyundai Excel. (Vinfast seems to make the original Excel look like a Camry in comparison.)