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Americans may no longer be as completely obsessed with road travel as they once were, but for first-time visitors to the USA, a round-the-nation roadtrip is always the ultimate fantasy. And really, what better way is there to appreciate the great expanse and diversity of this great nation than by car? Luckily for those of us without the time, money or reliable transportation to discover America by highway, we can now get a taste of the magic in an internet-attention-span-friendly morsel: five minutes, fifteen seconds. Someone named Bryan DeFrees condensed a 12,225 mile-long road trip in a giant loop across the US into this film, making one of life’s epic adventures available from your desk or smartphone. Warning: Video may cause sudden desire to “hit the road”…

[via: Laughing Squid]

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21 Comments on “Drivelapse USA: The Great American Road Trip In Five Minutes, Fifteen Seconds...”

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    I loved that he comes into Seattle on the ferry! I think it’s a bit of a shame that he missed the opportunity to go north from Chicago up to the UP for views of lake Superior and back into northern Michigan over the Mackinac bridge (a great bridge to cross) for views of both lake Michigan and Huron.

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    Brutally efficient

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    no kidding about the sudden desire to hit the road!

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    That was lovely. Yes, it does make me yearn to take another road trip.

    Thank you for posting this,


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    Great stuff. I finally managed to achieve my dream of a US road trip back in June. Not quite as spectacular as this video, but 4000 odd miles down the west coast from the Canadian border to near the Mexican border and then back up through Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho – it was one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever made – and all in a cheap and cheerful Cobalt with no air-con…

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    I’ve got four more months deployed here in the Sinai. Totally homesick now, thanks Ed.

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    That didn’t do anything but make me car sick.

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    Awesome, saw some good weather along the way as well. I didn’t pause the video but did recognize alot of the mountain west spots (my phone didn’t show the states like it does when playing on this site)…you drive that stuff enough and you can recognize it all in fast-forward.

    I’ve got to ask, what kind of vehicle? All I can deduce are opposed wiper action…maybe a Civic?

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    Road trips are relaxing – this is not relaxing to watch.

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    Learn how to drive a semi and get a job driving long-hail irregular route freight.

    You’re all gonna’ die eventually and so what if your current career path actually provides enough wage to accumulate capital, obtain a pension and other perks the commoners seldom receive and can disappear so easily… look at the many retirees contracting diseases, physical and/or mental impairments, etc.

    Heck, even that Jobs chap with his billions of bucks died in his 50s!!!!

    Live a fantasy.

    When done you’ll be able to visit the Disgruntled Old Coot and join in rummaging through dumpsters for tossed uneaten McGrub etc and lead an active exciting old age!!!!!!!!!!

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    Good thing I’m not epileptic because I can imagine that video inducing seizures. Annoyed that he didn’t go to any NE states because there’s some nice scenery in Maine/NH/VT. Although skipping Mass. is probably smart since it’s just construction and impatient Massholes on the roads.

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    Dammit, this video does nothing to diminish my desire to just drive around Europe for a month of two. Decided as a kid to do it with a bike and tent, now it has to be car & hotel so significantly more expensive..

    Now i also want to reread On the Road.

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    Entertaining, but he missed an entire region! He swoops through Pennsyltucky to NYC but couldn’t go from PA-NY-VT-NH-ME-MA-CT then to NYC? Way to skip through New England.

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    How glorious it must be to take a road trip in a Range Rover or S-class.

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      Just a big isolated chamber, I don’t think I’d want that, if you want isolation then just take a plane.

      I’d prefer my Outback…well, maybe an H6/AT model instead. Perfect for any road surface and weather condition. Lots of room and looks better with dirt and bugs caked on.

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        Since America soon won’t be able to afford a bucket of asphalt, I’d take the land yachts. At least I won’t feel tired after a day of driving.

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        Understandable… but see, alot of the roads I favor are only labeled “improved” and the long-travel suspension soaks up the surface rather well, combined with a low COG and a narrow body give good manueverability.

        8-12 hr stints in the Outback have never given me discomfort, but seats and interior room are very subjective. Can’t say the same for the Acura though.

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