Hammer Time: What Pisses You Off?

Steven Lang
by Steven Lang
hammer time what pisses you off

Traffic? Politics? People who invoke the name Jesus 67 times in a two minute conversation? Those are universal ‘triggers’. But what about cars? I used to have this unyielding urge to yank off every motorized belt I saw. Even to this day I have nothing but wrath for car with this pseudo-safety feature.

Then there are the ‘shift now’ lights. If I wanted corporate and government nannys to invoke their ‘pearls of wisdom’, I wouldn’t black tape their suggestions. What else? Catalytics that don’t last. New car smells that do. The list is long and the day is young. So let us know what intrusions should be slaughtered and catapulted into the foolish knight.

Writer’s note: This can be car features, cars, dealers (even used car dealers), highways, toll roads, car magazines, roadkill, service centers that lube your wealth, the local DMV. Heck, even the odd activities of your fellow commuters. Anything you want really. After all, we consider this place to be an autonomous collective these days.

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  • BigDuke6 BigDuke6 on Sep 02, 2011

    "(Responding to Zachman, down there) I’m a very mature 34 years old. Well as mature a man can be with a 20 something soon to be wife, no kids (yet), and borrowing a Crown Vic from a local dealer today an managing to get it to drift a bit in a Southwestern monson. Life is goooooooooooooooood. (Not to Baruthian levels, but hey pretty good for me.)" PLUS.....you are your own biggest fan!

    • PrincipalDan PrincipalDan on Sep 02, 2011

      Every man is a legend in his own mind. - Educator(of teachers)Dan

  • Waterloo Waterloo on Sep 02, 2011

    - Canadian Car prices being 10-20% higher than US car prices. And the apologists that try to justify the difference. - Those that love to say things like "if you can afford car X, you can afford the cost to maintian/repair car X" - Those that make value judgements for others. "No one needs an SUV, they really need a minivan or wagon but are too vain to drive one"

  • Opus Opus on Sep 02, 2011

    Wow. Over 250 comments, and NOBODY has mentioned this yet: "Service Advisors" who insist that everyone, everywhere, no matter what, need to follow the Severe conditions oil change intervals and get it changed every 3000 miles. Even if the owners manual says 3750 for Severe. Ignoring that the majority of people do NOT actually need changes that frequently. Are we not putting enough money into arab coffers already?

  • Gmrn Gmrn on Sep 04, 2011

    -Late responders to TTAC threads...uh wait, forget that one. -Left lane bandits that eventually notice you in their rear view mirror, they casually merge right, then accelerate fiercely to negate my passing speed -Lifted pick ups that never leave pavement -All lifted pick ups with the oh-so-hip HID conversion that completely blinds me after I pass them to avoid the... -tuned, domestic light-duty diesel pick ups that spew more particulates than a fleet of 1960's garbage trucks, AND then the same truck gets a free pass on state emissions requirements -US Top Gear