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Matt Farah may be the bigshot star of Speed’s The Car Show, but he got his start on the web, running a little site called The Smoking Tire. And since he’s clawed his way up from the internet’s hurly-burly, he knows how web promotion works: you check out my stuff, I’ll check out yours. As a longtime TTAC reader, he’s asking us personally to check out his new show, which airs each Wednesday at 10 pm on Speed. Don’t have cable? Check out The Car Show on Hulu.

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    I have watched this show from the beginning because I am a fan of Adam Carolla and the show is coming around. A little rough around the edges but it is getting better. Definitely better than TopGear USA.

    I did not like Dan Neil at first but he is growing on me. At first I could not see the point of having John Salley on the show but I now think that he was a great pick. He is not a huge car nut and thus provides an interesting counterpoint to the others. I think he brings some credibility to testing high end cars because I think that he could actually afford one of these cars. Also his shear size is comical when he is talking to diminutive race car drivers and trying to fit into normal cars.

    Like I said I was a fan of Adam Carolla already and Matt Farah is instantly likeable on the show.

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    I quite like the smoking tire.

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    Jack Baruth

    Farah is one of the all-time good guys of automotive journalism. He’s the total opposite of the average journo; he has more money, does more impressive things, is a better driver, and has accomplished more than he claims.

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    I have Speed, so I am able to watch the show, however i wish I could watch it on hulu the time it airs does not work for me.

    Speed fails at uploading anything to hulu. They have 2 episodes on line and episode 2 just go uploaded within the last few days. They went over 7 weeks with no new show uploads…

    Way to build a fan base.

    I like Matt and Adam on the show. Salley adds nothing to the show. Dan Neil comes across as a snob, but he is growing on me. I wish they would drop the Pulitzer prize winning spiel at the beginning, no one give a shit, and would make him look like less of an effete asshole.

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    I watch the show every week but…

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    I watched the first three episodes but I bailed out. They seem to be trying to recapture the magic of The Man Show, but it doesn’t work for me. Top Gear USA has its issues but I still like it better.

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    Was this vid pulled from a promo on SPEED, I’m guessing?

    -If so, it was very nice of Matt to name-check you guys and say a few nice words like that!

    The show is not bad. Adam is a good interviewer. They have good guests, like Jason Castriota.

    Dan Neil still violates one of the Top Gear rules, by being despite-antics, ultimately unlikable.

    Still not understanding Salley’s value prop., regardless of how great a guy he is.

    Matt works well with Adam, and seems to get better with each show.

    They have to lose the damn electric car track race.
    That is quite possibly the most Cthulhu-summoningly-bad segment on all of Television, including the recurring pooter-diagnostician segment of “The Jersey Shore”.

    Put 1 ‘star’ in a ~silly car and call it, “Beat My Brown Charger”, “More ‘stang than an 8th grader at Space Camp”, “Public Juke-Offs” -or something fun like that.

    Now if they could just get Matt a Thesaurus and a bunch of Jeremy Clarkson Videos, he might actually articulate -creatively- what he seems to really be thinking about the cars, instead of using. the. exact. same. description. every. time.

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    Wally Vance

    I have watched the show from the beginning and I like it for the most part. I just do not understand why there has to be so much filthy language in the show, it certainly does not add anything to the show.
    The slot car race is a total waste of air time.

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    I’ll watch just about anything on cars, including the stuff that EVO and Autocar put on Youtube. I’d rather watch those videos than this crap any day. This show is almost as unwatchable as Speed Channel “Test Drive”. Those who dismissed TG USA, give one or two episodes of the second season a shot.

    Unlike this show, it has some production value and the hosts really have gotten some decent chemistry. It’s MUCH better than the first season, and infinitely better than this mess.

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    Stay classy guys.

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    I thought I was an Adam Carolla fan until I watched this show. Maybe I’ve matured (which would be a surprise), but so far he’s rarely been funny. In fact, he seems like a mean-spirited, bigoted jerk and I find myself fast forwarding through his opening and closing monologues. Matt Farah is by far my favorite host of the show (even if you broaden it to include TG USA) and I’m not just saying that because he reads the site. (Before the TG: USA cast was announced, I had hoped Matt would be picked for that.) Given a choice, I’d only keep him and Neil, because he adds a different (yet relevant) perspective. I hated the Pistons when he played, so even tho Salley seems like a nice enough guy, I didn’t like him when he played, and I’m not sure he fits in this show.

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    I generally like the Car Show better than TG USA. I liked Adam Carolla in the original Man Show, and there’s some of his attitude from that show in this new one. He uses Matt Farah kind of like a foil Jimmy Kimmel was on the Man Show. Dan Neil and John Salley are just extraneous on this show.

    This second ‘season’ of TG USA is better, as they are not trying to ape the UK show so much. I kind of wish they’d do even more of their own ideas though. This is where the Car Show seems to shine for me. Freed from the constraint of the TG franchise, they can go further out on a limb than the Three Stooges.

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    I’ve only watched a little of the show, but is there 1 too many host? Anyone else feel that way?

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    The Car Show has improved with each episode, as the production team and on air talent start getting into a groove. It’s nice to see people like Matt move from “new media” into establishment media. Similarly, the fact that a high profile car show like The Car Show thinks that TTAC is important enough to take a few minutes to produce was is, let’s face it, a specialized ad designed to appeal to our readers, says something about this site’s influence.

    Matt’s a nice guy who knows and loves cars and if JB endorses him he’s cool by me, but the cynic in me wonders if they filmed similar spots for other web sites. Nothing wrong if they did, if they do read those sites, but just wondering. If they didn’t that says even more about TTAC.

    In any case, I’m sure that Matt is reading this, Matt, good luck on the show, thanks for the plugging TTAC, and since we’re feeling all cross promotional and all, I’ll post this same video on Cars In Depth, and you can return the courtesy by mentioning on The Car Show. Sound fair? A couple hundred people will see the video on my site and millions will hear about Cars In Depth on The Car Show. Works for me.

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    BTW, Matt, the link to that post is here:

    Watch Speed’s The Car Show – Our Shameless Attempt to Get Matt Farah, the Host of Speed’s The Car Show, to Plug This Site on Speed’s The Car Show, Starring Matt Farah

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    I liked Carolla in The Man Show, but now he seems to be slipping closer and closer to a caraciture of Gilbert Gottfried.

    Farah obviously knows a lot, but he doesn’t have a great on screen presence. I haven’t watching The Car Show since the first couple episodes though, so maybe he has gotten better.

    I like Dan Neil. I don’t get a negative vibe from him at all on the show.

    John Salley is supposed to the comic foil I guess. He’s OK, but if they had to have a TBG, I think JB Smoove would have been more entertaining.

    Top Gear USA has improved dramatically since the first season, and I find it a lot more enjoyable than The Car Show, but I’ll give the Car Show another chance and see if things have started to gel better there.

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    I think with some re-tooling the Car could do well. Matt is good, and knows what he’s talking about the others are useless, except for the fact that having 4 people is some lame attempt to show that they’re not blatatnly ripping off Top Gear. Carolla can be funny, but half the time his jokes and one liners fall flat, which is more than I can say for Top Gear USA, a singularly unwatchable show.

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    I like cars, so any show about them is OK with me. If you set your wayback machine for the first few seasons of the BBC’s Top Gear you’ll see that they were damn near unwatchable. Give it some time guys…

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    The Car Show is OK, I find it touch better then Top Gear US. Its just after watching the real Top Gear everything else just seems lame. At least the Car Show stands on its own as an original, where as TG:US is copy… and everyone knows a copy is never as good as an original.

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