Junkyard Find: 1963 Imperial Custom

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
junkyard find 1963 imperial custom

With scrap steel worth so much these days, does a fairly rough ’63 Imperial have any chance of evading The Crusher? Probably not.

This one has been picked over pretty well, but still has plenty of goodies left for someone with a project Imperial.

Plenty of overlooked bits and pieces in the trunk

Speaking of the trunk, check out this huge air-conditioning unit in the back.

Chrysler Airtemp!

The ’63 Imperial came with a 340-horsepower 413 under the hood. Hmmm… this engine might be just the thing for my Dodge A100 van.

Someone who felt like restoring a 1963 Detroit luxury car would probably go for the more popular Continental or Cadillac; the big-fin Imperials of the late 1950s and the boxy monster Imperials of the later 1960s get a lot more attention than those of this era.

These cars were huge and heavy, but not quite as heavy as you might think. The ’63 Imperial Custom four-door hardtop scaled in at 4,690 pounds. How heavy is that? Just 521 pounds more than the ’11 Dodge Challenger SRT8!

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  • Acd Acd on Aug 10, 2011

    Some people rescue cats, some rescue dogs, if I had the money and the storage space I'd rescue cars and this would be one of the first I'd go after even though I've never had the least bit of interest in a '63 Imperial. There is enough here that it would be an absolute shame if this car and all of those hard to obtain parts disappeared for a few hundred bucks worth of scrap metal.

    • Sandy B. Sandy B. on Aug 12, 2011

      I am new hwere. This item got me "in". so.... I am MALE and in my early 60s. In 1957, my Dad bought a new 1957 CADILLAC HARDTOP COUPE. From week # 2 of ownership, the car began giving trouble. The dealer was very good to us...the car was not. We took Mom's 1952 Chevy on long trips, as the Caddy could not be trusted. In 1960, Dad had enough and traded the Caddy in - on a new 1960 Continential, in pink ! The power windows were temperial, according to weather conditions the, the car was clunsy, fat and boring. Dad tried in vain to stand by his choice. HE FINALLY CAVED IN, and sold the boat to a tennis player friend. He bought a 1965 Imperial LeBaron. We had it 5 years !! In the 5 years, the driver's side power window morot quit. End of list of problems! Warrantee covered it ! Following that was a 1970 Imperial, a 1973 Imperial, a 1975 Imperial and finally a 1978 Imperal (called a N.Y. Brougham) Nobody can tell our family that Lincolns and / or Caddy are better ! Our cousins bought only Imperials all through the 1960s too. Sadly both Mom & Dad & the Imperial brand are all gone. I drive a 2003 Lincoln Town Car, the Spring "Feature" car called "THE

  • Dm2012 Dm2012 on Jan 05, 2012

    Wow! I've owned one of these for the past 11 years & use it at least once a week. It's like driving a luxurious JFK-era living room on wheels. The handling & braking aren't at all modern, but not as bad as you'd expect. On the highway, it gets around 13 MPG; on surface streets, not so good. A few years ago, I had to re-solder a wire inside one of the electric window motors. I swear that motor was the size of an early Honda Accord starter.

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