Japan in June 2011: Fall In Summer

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
japan in june 2011 fall in summer

New car sales in Japan dropped in June, but the drop was not as steep as it was in May.

Domestic sales of new cars and trucks, excluding minivehicles, fell 23.3percent on the year to 225,024 vehicles the Japan Automobile Dealers Association said today.

While still a steep decline, it was an improvement from the 37.8percent free fall recorded in May, when sales were seriously hurt by the aftereffects of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Regular Vehicles June 2011MakerJune ’11June ’10ChangeDaihatsu248495-49.9%Hino1,7122,599-34.1%Honda30,04044,377-32.3%Isuzu2,7514,216-34.7%Lexus3,7922,15176.3%Mazda10,34115,418-32.9%Mitsubishi5,2645,907-10.9%Mitsubishi Fuso17972,245-20.0%Nissan45,11343,3134.2%Subaru6,3945,9397.7%Suzuki6,7884,89638.6%Toyota87,671140,207-37.5%UD Trucks582968-39.9%Other22,53120,7638.5%Total225,024293,494-23.3%

The separately accounted for sales of minivehicles retreated 18.3percent on the year to 126,804 vehicles in June, the Japan Mini Vehicles Association said Friday. This is also better than the 25.4 percent drop in May.

Minivehicles June 2011MakerJune ’11June ’10ChangeSuzuki41,51549,017-15.3%Daihatsu47,39354,929-13.7%Mitsubishi8,8569,771-9.4%Subaru6,5298,684-24.8%Honda 8,74715,920-45.1%Mazda3,1994,434-27.9%Nissan10,56212,515-15.6%Other39-66.7%Total126,804155,279-18.3%

With both vehicle groups consolidated, we see a drop of 21.6 percent.

All vehicles June 2011MakerJune ’11June ’10ChangeDaihatsu47,64155,424-14.0%Hino1,7122,599-34.1%Honda38,78760,297-35.7%Isuzu2,7514,216-34.7%Lexus3,7922,15176.3%Mazda13,54019,852-31.8%Mitsubishi14,12015,678-9.9%Mitsubishi Fuso1,7972,245-20.0%Nissan55,67555,828-0.3%Subaru12,92314,623-11.6%Suzuki48,30353,913-10.4%Toyota87,671140,207-37.5%UD Trucks582968-39.9%Other22,53420,7728.5%Total351,828448,773-21.6%

Sales of imported vehicles profited from the shortage of cars. Imports rose 44 percent year on year to 30,686 in June.

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