Look What I Found: The Topless Topless Golf

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
look what i found the topless topless golf

While walking down memory lane to the dark days of diesel, I came across this gem in the archives of the Volkswagen History Department: The prototype of the first Golf Convertible. It was developed and produced by Karmann in Osnabrück. The company went bankrupt. Volkswagen bought Karmann, and inherited this find.

This convertible had no roll-over bar. The shape of the windshield and the trunk lid were changed before the car went in series. The convertible was based on the Golf Mk I. In 1993, a new convertible was built, based on the Mk III Golf. 2002 was the end of the open air season.

This year, a new Golf Convertible, based on the Golf Mk VI, will follow.

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  • Robert.Walter Robert.Walter on Jun 11, 2011

    I bought a new '89 when going to school, after graduating, I had a company car and my mother took over the Cabriolet (that year it was not called Golf or Rabbit) and drove it for another 15 years... despite a lot of little stupid quality problems, all in all, it was a pretty good car. Re. the missing basket handle on the prototype, I liked mine, it made besides the roll-over effect, it made the car stiffer (and allowed the removal of stiffening materials elsewhere in the BIW), the windows seal better, the body stronger against side-impact, and a provided a natural b-pillar upon which to hang the upper guide for the shoulder belt...

  • Bythebay Bythebay on Jun 15, 2011

    Love, love, love my Cabrio (2000 Dark Blue with Tan Leather) - swapped cars with my wife in 2005 (she took my Acura TL; now driving a CR-V) - my Cabrio has 68K miles, and other than a complete trans at 51K miles (which VW warranteed!), not very much in the way of problems.

  • Lou_BC I kinda like the blocky lines. The snout has a star wars stormtrooper look so that means it won't hit anything.
  • ToolGuy I respect the work this individual has done from the starting point he was handed ("I have been involved for about 6 months repairing this car acquired form my sister who received it from our dad"; "The car was an oily mess when I received it, had a clogged catalytic converter, and hesitated intermittently on the highway after extended driving (> 20 miles)")...But there is no need to show prospective customers the "before" or "in process" photographs. Very few customers want to see or know how the sausage is made.And rather than show extreme close-ups of the dents, call a PDR shop, and bump up your selling price.
  • Ajla "launched as the GX550 offering a 3.4-liter" I know some people rip on pick up or performance car buyers for insecurity but it is funny that premium vehicle buyers need inflated designations like this because "GX340t" won't get their d*cks hard. Although Lexus isn't alone in this, it's even better here because they went from GX470 to GX460 back in 2009 and no one died over the decrease. The IS500 and LC500 are still matched to their displacement but maybe they'd sell more if it was called LC650? 🤔
  • ToolGuy Q: Is it time for ToolGuy the non-early adopter to purchase an EV for long-term ownership?A: No, it is not.(Get this stuff ironed out and I'll be back later.)
  • Theflyersfan Why take the effort to cover the back plate when the front plate is visible in a couple shots?