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Coming home from work, I tend to get used to seeing various prototypes driving around, and cutting me off, after all, I’m only in a little white Peugeot 205 GTI, barely worth mentioning when it comes to the sheer amount of exclusive metal running around the Nurburgring. However, today, I spied some prototypes that you never see during the day running freely around city streets, namely, the testers from BMW and Porsche. Reclusive beasts they are, Dale Lomas from Bridge-to-Gantry, and my friend was able to nab several shots of the latest salvos from southern Germany while I only managed one hazy shot from an iPhone while trying not to pilot my little Pug into a lightpole.

Porsche video at Bridge To Gantry here.

The Porsche you see looks like the new 991. Look closely at that vent from a 911 Turbo, its not real. Look closer still, and you will see its a double spoofer, as in there really is a small inlet behind the fake one, however, from the sound in the video, the car sounds very naturally aspirated. Looking at the regular 5-lug wheels instead of center-lock hubs, we deduced this particular example will become the Carrera S, with either a 3.8, or possibly a 4.0L flat six. A unique feature not seen before lies around the business end of the Porsche. The “smart” wing looks to be 50% or so bigger than the previous one, with a real airfoil shape, and we noticed it was moving to adjust the airflow when the speed changed. Wicked.

BMW M6 video at Bridge To Gantry here.

The BMW M6 sounds like a meaty V8, but due to a lot of tire squeal, turbo noises were hard to hear, but based on BMW’s direction for the future, you might want to bet on a pair of turbines underneath the hood. The silver example here disguises quad exhausts, and a deeper airdam, however, we doubt the M-ness of this particular model. Following the debut of the 335is, the M3-lite, this 6-series looks to be a 650is, sportier than the norm, but not M-worthy. Click the link to the Bridge-to-Gantry video, and look for the black camoflaged 6-series. Notice the much lighter wheels, the more pronounced body work, and well, black paint. We think that this tester is the new M6… that, and it was noticeably quicker than the silver example. However, all of the prototypes from BMW looked planted, flat, and quick, yet knowing the ever increasing weight of cars from Munich, full testing from TTAC must be conducted in order to see how well these coupes disguise their nearly 2-ton weights.

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