Blackout At Porsche: They Are Giving Away Extras

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt

Porsche is known for fleecing is customers for extras. Now, they give them away. Porsche sells two special editions of the 911 Carrera and the Boxster, filled with a lot of extras for the price of a base model. Or thereabouts. „A special edition at Porsche is as common as a total eclipse of the sun in Europe,“ writes AutoBild in Germany. Why the sudden generosity?

Both the 911 and the Boxster will be replaced soon by entirely new generations, and remaining inventory of cars and extras has got to go. Enter a favorite Volkswagen sales gimmick for end-of-life cars: Das Sondermodell. A week ago, Porsche announced the 911 „Black Edition.“ Today, AutoBild reports that there will also be a „Black Edition“ Boxster. This one not only delivers a bunch of extras which usually would be extra expensive, it even gets an extra 10 horses. Both cars will be available in black only, of course.

blackout at porsche they are giving away extras

Officially, the Black Edition cars will be launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March and will be available in April. But Porsche is in a hurry to light a fire under the black market: Both Black Editions are already on Porsche’s website. Ah, the special editions will be limited to 987 for the black Boxster (a reference to Porsche’s series number.) Of the Black Porsche 911, there will be 1911 only, apparently, Porsche has them in abundance.

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  • Jim Sutherland Jim Sutherland on Feb 02, 2011

    Loved the old Los Bravos classic. Reminds me of listening to it on a car radio as a kid while my older brother drove the wheels off my father's decidedly non-Porsche four door sedan.

  • Trucky McTruckface Trucky McTruckface on Feb 02, 2011

    I couldn't watch the video at work, but I've had "Black Is Black" stuck in my head ever since I read this article this morning. Great tune. Thanks.

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  • Kcflyer Can they delete the hideous cladding? Addition by subtraction
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