Massive Used Parts!

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
massive used parts

I’m heading back to Denver tomorrow, but thought I would share a photo of the local junkyard here in St. Ann’s Parish, Jamaica. Once I’m back in The Land Of Reliable Internet Access, I’ll get us caught up on the fascinating world of Weird Japanese Machinery We Don’t See In The USA. Soon come, mon!

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  • Twotone Twotone on Jan 07, 2011

    Stop in Hedonism II and say "HI" to the pool bartender from me.

  • Evan Reif Evan Reif on Jan 08, 2011

    I "worked" with some very pretty Jamaican ladies. They were beautiful, and very impressed with my 147HP Subaru with it's fake hood scoop. I never did tell them it didn't have a turbo, although my "work" was done long before they bothered asking. Great ladies, but they thought a work schedule was a suggestion rather than a rule. I have a standing invitation to their little village on the north coast, and I'm very tempted to go that way before this long winter is done.

  • Forraymond Forraymond on Jan 08, 2011

    Hedonism II? I'm shocked, appalled and curious (LOL)

  • Segfault Segfault on Jan 08, 2011

    A junkyard in the US would never get away with putting corporate logos on their sign... By the way, Adblock works really well on the Facebook Connect and Twitter icons that seem to infest this site and nearly every other site on the web.