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Audi will be developing all future larger SUVs offered by the many Volkswagen brands: The Porsche Cayenne, the Volkswagen Touareg, the Audi Q7 and whatever other larger 4x4s the other brands might offer (fat chance.) Audi was just handed the “Entwicklungshoheit” (design supremacy) for the brutes. Heretofore, they were designed by Porsche.  Don’t cry Porsche, they received another job as a trade.

The catfight over who will be having the Entwicklungshoheit for all future sportscars in the Volkswagen realm has been decided also. And the winner is: Porsche. Audi had tried to get that job, but weren’t given high odds. The boys in Zuffenhause will also design the kit from which all luxury sedans such as the Panamera, and probably the Bentley et all will be built. All in all, not a bad decision.

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9 Comments on “The Next Cayenne Will Be An Audi...”

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    The SUV & Sports car decision was pretty much to be expected. You’d have to be hop cocking crazy to do things the other way around.
    The large Sedan was a delightful surprise. The A8 was never really all that, while the Panamera is very much a more involving car than its S, 7, LS competitors. While still remaining smooth enough to only be a torque converter auto away from a proper downtown bankster hauler.

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    Does the definition of “sportscar” include the GTI/R-series vehicles? I hope not, as VW seems to be shepherding those lines quite well on their own.

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    Why do the front ends of these beasts keep looking like the cheap, gaudy stereos/boomboxes I see for sale at Best Buy?

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    John Horner

    These seem like very sensible decisions. The Quattro people do all the SUVs while the sportscar people do the sportscars and very high end luxury sedans. The high end sedan decision was probably a jump ball, but the Panamera pushed it over to the Porsche side of the net.
    I wonder where the Audi TT and VW Scirocco fit into future plans?

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      Hush,don’t tell anybody, but the Sciroccos, TT, GTI, RS, etc are internally not considered as “sportscars.”
      We are talking Erector Kit development here.

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      True enough…

      I still wonder though that if there will be anything like an Audi R4 (that has been rumoured) or maybe an R6 (which seems inevitable in the future) that are not based on a Golf platform, at some point Porsche will step in and say…yesz leave zhat zo uz, vill you. Ve vill make ze car a hecktriebler, yesz…

      Because that would be nice. Pretty much anything Audi can do Porsche can do better (except interiors) and we’d finally, FINALLY might get an RWD Audi. Or has Audi now reached the point of no return where they’ve snubbed RWD for so long in favour of Quattro that to offer it now would be too much of an excersize in loosing face?

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    “I wonder where the Audi TT and VW Scirocco fit into future plans?”

    Well, both are based upon the Golf platform and they’ll probably remain there. Anything else would be very surprising. So VW it is…

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    I wonder where the Audi R8 fit into future plans?
    Oh, my god, we need this car until the Acura Nsx resurrection

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    Does anyone have an idea what this will mean on the SUV side? Better? More complex? Cheaper? Less fiddlely bits?

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