By on December 31, 2010

The midnight-to-midnight 2010 season-ender is underway at Palm Beach International Raceway!

Since Glenn Beck and friends got all bent out of shape over the original “Cuba Del Norte” name, the LeMons Supreme Court decided to dress accordingly.

We’ve got four former overall winners here, including West Coast champions Eyesore Racing and the Gulf-dominating Race Hard Race Ugly E30. Race Hard Race Ugly has already lost a rocker arm and is thus using 5/6 of its engine. The rivalries are quite exciting. Well, not really– what’s exciting is the fact that we’ve got a ’62 Plymouth Fury with a 273.

And a Fiat 128 coupe! We’ve also got a 2-stroke Saab 96, the legendary San-Diego-to-Miami Citroën, an LT1-powered Lincoln Town Car, the Azz Backwards pickup truck, and several other great race cars. I’ll post updates as my fatigue and crappy tethered-cell-phone internet connection persists.

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7 Comments on “Season-Ending 24 Hours of LeMons Underway In Florida...”

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    What the hell’s in that CRX?!!!! A turbo V something? RWD I assume. Tho with that crowd, anything IS an assumption.

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    Either you have a 3 cylinder 2 stroke SAAB 95 or a V-4 SAAB 96.  Take your pick.

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    So much awesome in one place! I came this >.< close to tagging the Lancia and driving it down for this race, but I just can’t afford it. Have fun, guys! See you in February.

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    More info on the Metallic Pea Queen Family Truckster please.
    Damn me and brother should have gone to this, we live around 30 miles south of the track.

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    If Lemons by its mere existence is not enough to make even the most jaded, cynical, fed-up-with-the “systems” varmint even minutely proud in the slightest way to be at least a semi-citizen of the USA then that person is beyond redemption and unworthy of any gleanings from any USA-based dumpster.
    I suppose that as long as Lemons exists there is at least a smidgen of hope to course through veins, arteries and capillaries all the way down, deep down, into the very marrow of the bones that for those alive during the atmospheric A- and H-bomb testing of the Cold War years likely still register at least trace amounts of Strontium-90.
    Long live Lemons!!!!!!!!! I bellow within the shanty, rejoicing in the current short-lived warming trend as the rain falls upon the streets, fields and roofs and the warmth of the 60-degree  ambient outside temperature minimizes natural gas use to heat the shanty’s innards allowing the Old Coot Critter ™ to devote a few extra cents to vittles, perhaps allowing the luxury of acquiring a pack of on-sale turkey-based “hot dogs” to slice and toss into the ramen noodles.
    Great pics!!!!!!!

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