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Typically when a major automotive manufacturer is preparing to spend a billion bucks on a new manufacturing facility we’ll see multiple reports on the investment. That’s why it’s strange to see only a single report, from, on a new manufacturing plant in Punjab province that will reportedly be built by a US automotive firm. According to the report

A United States-based automobile company may set up a car manufacturing facility in Punjab with an expected investment of $1 billion, as audit and consultation firm Deloitte has made enquiries on behalf of the firm with the state government.

“There is some American company which has made enquiries and has shown interest (for setting up a manufacturing facility) here,” Punjab Industry Minister Manoranjan Kalia said on Friday.

Asked about the name of the automobile company that has evinced interest, Kalia said that the company’s name has not been disclosed.

However when contacted, a senior official of Punjab State Industries Department revealed that Deloitte has approached Punjab government on behalf of US-based automobile company  to look at the possibility of setting up a car facility.

State industry secretary S S Channy said Deloitte has indicated an investment of $1 billion for putting up a car facility and the company requires 750 acres of land for manufacturing facility and 150 acres for ancillary units.

The automaker in question probably isn’t Chrysler, as Fiat is leading that firm’s international efforts. It probably isn’t GM either, as The General has subordinated its Indian campaign to its Chinese partner SAIC. That leaves Ford, which has recently targeted India with its Figo small car, as the most likely builder of this plant. But does Ford work with Deloitte? Are there any other hints as to who this American investor is? Over to you, Best  Brightest…

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6 Comments on “Is Ford Building A Billion Dollar Plant In India?...”

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    Who in the right mind will invest anything in US?
    S&P 500 INDEX 2000-2010 -9.45%
    Bombay Stock Excahnge  SENSEX 2000-2010 +369.45%

    You can’t blame Ford to be smart, can you?

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    With the Republicans having sold out our manufacturing base in order to break the Union, of course no one is investing in America.
    Without a robust manufacturing base, America is going to go down the tube.

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      It is unions who destroyed everything in the first place, Republicans weren’t even in power most of the time. Breaking unions only helps American manufacturing, American industrial base, and America in general.

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      I sure don’t like Ford’s decision to move manufacturing outside the US, but I absolutely understand and respect it. (Ditto GM, and a slew of other ostensibly “US” companies.)

      Union greed and largesse are absolutely to blame for the decline of US manufacturing. I can’t believe anyone would doubt that… but I guess it’s easier to just bash those evil Republicans.

      If you were a business owner, wouldn’t you want to move manufacturing to where it’s cheaper, hence giving your company a fighting chance to maintain profits? Isn’t that simply good sense?

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    Carlson Fan

    “Without a robust manufacturing base, America is going to go down the tube”

    Good honest manufacturing is slowly leaving this country, which is why it is becoming a land of the “haves”  and “have nots”. Support compaines that keep manufacturing here at home versus those that farm it out overseas so that their already overpaid execs can get even bigger bonuses.


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      You guys do realize that there is more manufacturing in the USA now than at any point in the past, right?
      If the “manufacturing base” is a function of the volume and value of products that can be made within a country; then the manufacturing base of the USA today absolutely dwarfs what it would have been in the 40s and 50s, or whatever other sepia-toned “golden age of American manufacturing” you choose as a point of comparison.
      You may be confusing manufacturing jobs with manufacturing capacity.  They aren’t the same thing, and can move independently of each other.

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