Inside The 300: Just Better, Or Actually Good Enough?

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
inside the 300 just better or actually good enough

Chrysler has earned the reputation of having some of the shoddiest interiors in the business, a perception they’re working hard to address with their new products. Jack Baruth calls the new Grand Cherokee’s interior “class competitive,” and the new 300 will aspire to at least match that accolade. And though we won’t know just how good the 300 is until we fondle the materials, jiggle the dials and knock the dash, we do have a few pictures of the 300’s interior to pass snap judgment upon. Leaving aside details like whether the 300’s wood trim has ever seen a forest before, is the 300 shaping up to be a pleasant place to spend time behind the wheel?

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  • Acd Acd on Dec 14, 2010

    As an owner of a 2006 the biggest problem with the current 300C is the cheap, crappy interior and this seems like a step in the right direction. The new V6 may make the V8 unnecessary but there’s nothing like a big rear wheel drive American car with 360 horsepower.

  • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Dec 14, 2010

    Having recently driven, for three months, an original 2005 300, I can say the center stack is a huge improvement. I'll take the original instrument cluster with it's crome bezeled white face and black numerals. It looks classier than the blue light fad instruments. The 2005 door arm rest needed more padding, but I'd prefer that over the newer one. The original seats were very comfortable, but I'd have to plant my tush in the new ones before passing judgement. The original dash was plain and needed something extra, but as has been said, too much wood, and too light in color. The steering wheel is so ugly, if I bought a 2011, I'd shell out $ to install the older wheel.

  • David S. For a single quarter, only ninth best-selling (estimated?) of 2022. Maybe ICE vehicles would sell at a similar rate if the government paid people to buy them too?!
  • Dukeisduke I don't like how they've changed their nameplates and font from the Star Trek-ish LEXUS, to L E X U S, kinda like VW's lettering on the back of the T A O S, or those stick-on letters you can buy at the parts store that people use to their own names on the back of their cars.
  • Dukeisduke So, the screen goes blank for two-tenths of a second, every once in a while - what could go wrong?
  • Dukeisduke "Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?"(Roy in The IT Crowd)
  • Dukeisduke Just Say No To Bugs!