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In his piece on the approved-for-America Ford C-Max, Jack noted that the compact minivan would offer a “hands-free liftgate.” Well, here it is in action…

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32 Comments on “Ford Ups The Stakes In The Gizmo Wars...”

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    That looks to be very handy.  I also like the fold into the outboard seat second row middle seat.  These types of details are what sell vehicles.

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    So, it looks like no LCD “SmartGauge” system in either this or the new Focus?

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      MyFordTouch is in the Focus, but not the C-Max. The C-Max with have SYNC and navi, just not the whole MyFordTouch system.

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      The new Focus offers the MyTouch system, but it seems to only consist of a big center screen and a smaller display on the IP.

      Every photo I’ve seen for the new Focus shows four needled analog gauges.  I was hoping for partly-customizable LCD gauges like people can have in the hybrids and Edge.

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    Brian E

    I see they edited out all the takes where it conked her in the head.

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    Hmm, power doors – the source of my lemon claim against Honda in 2005/6/7.  I’ll stick with manual doors and save the money.

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      Relax, Slippy, nobody else has botched power doors like Honda. Screwed up from the get-go in 1999, still screwed up as of 2009. Not sure about the new Ody, but judging from Honda’s non-response to other quality issues over the past decade, I am not optimistic.

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    I sense an ADA claim from an enterprising Lawyer…what about one legged or wheelchair bound???
    If I am standing near it with the keys in my pocket, can anyone open the hatch?

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      An ADA claim isn’t going to fly here.  Why wouldn’t a ADA lawyer file a claim against TV makers on the behalf of blind people at that point?  How is this any different?
      The answer to your other question is yes, they could.  Just like any other fob that people can use to open the doors by pressing a button on the car when you are near the car with the fob in your pocket.

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      I don’t know about lawsuits, but I can certainly see unexpected consequences of standing near the vehicle with your fob while kids and/or dogs are moving about, triggering unplanned opening of the liftgate.

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    Copied from the Euro VW Passat. Still, neat feature I guess.

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    Pretty cool feature.  It one ups the liftgate remote buttons that you can get on most cars today.

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    meanwhile, a hooded thug runs up and, because the gate takes so long to close, enters the van from the rear, climbs over the seats, and takes the woman’s purse and car keys as she sits down in the driver’s seat…

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      Imaginative. However, the thug doesn’t have to be that enterprising. He could run up and take the woman’s purse and car keys as she approaches the car or after she opens the driver’s door.

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      Yeah, but “imaginative” and merely “street smart” are two different things. One requires actual intelligence, the other, just knowing enough to skimp by and victimizing others because they’re too lazy or stupid to earn a living.

      Too many “features” on cars that add no real value and increase the possibility of breakage and added expense.

      (EDIT:) I forgot to mention that I do like the van/wagon/whatchamacallit according to the photos. Maybe Ford has something competitive they can offer over here other than the Chrysler/Toyota/Honda offerings.

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      How about running up to a woman, hitting her in the face with a broken bottle, rifling through her purse, using her cell phone to call her parents, and…
      Wait, what were we talking about?

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    As a functional vehicle I’d say it’s got everything a family needs… however it really does have an ugly backside. Personally I prefer good looking rear ends.

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    Amendment X

    I really gotta buy some Ford stock.

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    I wonder how much weight all those motors add.
    Also, that is one ugly fish face

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    Sliding doors? Win.

    Stowaway middle-row center-seat? Win.

    Seating for seven (even though the third row won’t be huge)? Win.

    Giant flat floor with all rear seats folded? Win.

    Ugly ass-end and giant fish-face front end? Draw. (I would be inside the vehicle; looks don’t matter so much)

    Lack of stick shift? Epic fail.

    Would I buy this? Yes. Would my wife? Maybe, if it had a stick shift.

    It will be difficult for Ford to price this just right – the sweet spot where the Escape slots in between the Focus and the Explorer/Edge will be tough to maintain.

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    Hopefully in the $18-26k range.

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    It seems Ford and VW are continuing in their ways of using the same supplier based gizmos and selling them as their own. See Park Assist (though Ford took their time on that one), and now this system, which has recently been introduced on the Passat…

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      Chicago Dude

      When I worked for an automotive gizmo supplier back in the mid 1990s, our customer list had major manufacturers from the US, Germany, Italy, France, England and Japan on it.  Most of them insisted on us not putting our name on the stuff we sold them.
      Suppliers are willing to give a manufacturer exclusive rights to new stuff for a few years in exchange for money up front to help develop the product or a better price per unit once the product is ready.  They definitely don’t do it for free.  A supplier hopes to someday turn a profit – that mean selling to every manufacturer they can get away with.

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    Is it just me, or does the dash look unnecessarily busy and even a little tacky (due to all that busyness)?

    Love the hide-away middle seat. But the evoloution of the Kinetic design language (which I loved up until recently) not so much (the progression, not the form, is somehow is beginning to remind me of the design dead-end that appeared on the DN101 super-ovoid Taurus/Sable twins)…

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    I like it a lot (I often haul equipment from work to offsite locations), but it still sports a HUGE center console (what’s up with that these days? Are they stuffing the extra two gears for the auto trannys in there?), and all of those gizmos and sliding doors have to make this one hefty vehicle (I’d estimate 34-3500 lbs). The 4-pot will probably have its work cut out for it, and the “city” mileage is likely to be a lot less than advertised due to that heft. Still, it’ll be 1000lbs lighter than a full-size “mini”van, (and have 75% of the interior volume) so should still be decently efficient with the turbo.
    If Ford offers a model with no gizmos for $20k, they may have a winner, because the Transit Connect is too much of a “School Bus”, if you know what I mean.

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    Augie the Argie

    Nice options, especially the middle folding seat and a panoramic roof
    However I am not amused at the apparently little legroom space on the 2nd row and that the sliding doors do not open fully due to the short ‘3rd window panel’.  I’d like to find out the C-Max measurements in order to compare its inside volume vs 06-11Mazda5, all new Mazda 5, Rondo, Journey and 3row RAV4s.
    I hope a stick shift is offered for all versions and a turbo-diesel equipped version would be ideal
    I agree with Robert.Walter that the dash and console look cluttered and tacky, it reminds me of the non-classy stack of the 1st gen Matrix.  I also find from the video the gear knob too close to the dashboard obstructing the lower part of it.
    Pricing should top $24K IMHO for it to sell

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