Ford Ordered To Pay $131m In Explorer Rollover Trial

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
ford ordered to pay 131m in explorer rollover trial

Ford was ordered by a Mississippi jury to pay $131m to the family of a New York Mets prospect who died in a rollover crash in 2001. The ruling came despite Ford’s insistence that Brian Cole had been driving at 80 MPH and was not wearing a seatbelt when his Explorer went off the road. Ford maintains that the judge in the case barred key evidence that would have absolved it of responsibility, and a spokesperson tells Reuters that

This was a tragic accident and our sympathy goes out to the Cole family for their loss, but it was unfair of them to blame Ford

Ford settled with Cole’s family immediately following the $131m award, and the family’s lawyer explained that the damages in this case were higher than other rollover cases because Cole was a professional baseball player.

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  • Dave-the-rave Dave-the-rave on Sep 03, 2010

    Speaking as a frustrated Mets fan, the chances that this kid was going to be a high-earning superstar ballplayer were infintesimal.

  • 340-4 340-4 on Sep 04, 2010

    I hope the parents enjoy the blood money. Enjoy those new houses! Enjoy those new sports sedans! Enjoy your nice clothing, watches, and jewelry! Ford has my complete support on this issue. Shame on that lawyer and that family.

  • Mike Kelley Mike Kelley on Sep 04, 2010

    This is just another nutty jury award that shows the need for tort reform in this country. I hope the Republican Congress that convenes next year makes some changes. The Democrats are hopelessly in bed with the trial lawyers.

    • Golden2husky Golden2husky on Sep 05, 2010

      One, you are assuming that the midterm elections are just going to drop in the hands of the Big Business Party. Two, reform sounds great when you get a snippet of a case like this one. It sure seems like Ford is not to blame here. But, do you really want more difficulty in getting justice if YOU were the one suing for a real reason? As it is now, the deck is already stacked against you in cases against big companies because money (usually) buys the best justice...the little guy gets stiffed at every turn. Why would you want to make it even harder on the average guy?

  • Accs Accs on Sep 04, 2010

    1. This doesn't surprise me, not in the least. Ford has lost every case involving this vehicle, PERIOD. And they deserve to, its a shitty vehicle (based on a dozen "concepts" showing its not safe to be driven), that shouldn't have been made in the first place. 2. Now, with that said, The issue with the seatbelt.. that's just stupid.