1992 Crown Victoria Touring Sedan (P75): The One (and Only) Panther Truly Deserving Appreciation

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer
1992 crown victoria touring sedan p75 the one and only panther truly deserving

I’m a team player, and I can get into the spirit of Panther Appreciation Week, even if it’s not the result of deep-rooted father imprinting (can we have an Opel Kadett Appreciation Week sometime?). That is, with the right Panther. And there is one that did manage to stir my blood in its time:

It’s undoubtedly the rarest Panther too. In 1992, and for one year only, the new Taurus-inspired aero Crown Vic appeared could be rather exciting. If you knew the secret password (P75), you ended up with the most overtly enthusiast-oriented Panther (other than the Marauder, of course). And the TS was not just a quickie “Euro”-badge job; every goodie in the Ford catalog was wrapped up in the sleek new wrapper, which alone was a huge change from the old boxy LTD CV.

Here’s a fairly detailed write up and some good pictures, but let me grab the basic package specs from it:

is a essentially a P71 with every available option known to the Ford Lineup designated under the one time used P75 VIN ID. Later Crown Vic’s would see things like the HPP package, sport package and special ordered version of the car per unit, but not to this loaded out level as a “Touring Sedan” package like the P75. The Touring Sedan has the suspension of the P71 with the higher rate springs, larger sway bars, quicker ratio steering, etc plus all the luxury items found on a loaded out Town Car. The Touring Sedan also boasts the 3.27 rear gear ratio with limited slip, 4 wheel disk brakes, dual exhaust higher performance engine (210HP), heavy duty cooling, power steering cooling, extra transmission cooling, gauges, larger wheels and performance tires, ABS, Traction, etc. Its performance was rated at over a full second faster than a base Crown Vic and had a top speed said to hit in the 130s. (same as P71) Of course things like power windows, power seats with recliners and lumbar, power mirrors, power antenna, Ford JBL system with trunk mount subwoofer!, Door keypad system, special “Touring Sedan” floor mats and more were on this car. The car is identifiable by the “Touring Sedan” badges on the front quarter panels, the larger wheels, the lower stance, and the “touring” body molding. The door panels and leather seats are also special to the Touring Sedan along with the dark wood trim inside. I do not believe there is an option available that is not on this car. It has it all. I also believe that all touring sedans are a two tone color combination with the slate color at bottom, but I have not seen but a few.

I’ve kept my eyes peeled in vain to find a TS for CC, but in vain. Even the regular versions of this generation CV are getting rare. My Panther appreciation has now been thoroughly expressed, so don’t expect much more on the subject.

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  • Johnster Johnster on Sep 21, 2010

    My dad had '92 CV LX and considered it the best looking car he ever owned. He thought it looked like a 4-door Thunderbird of that time. Strangely, some of his co-workers thought the car was a Taurus. I appreciated how the '92 to '97 Crown Vics had completely different sheet metal from the Grand Marquis, unlike the '79 through '91 and the '98 through 2010 models.

  • Emarsh Emarsh on Jun 10, 2017

    I realize that this is an old post but we have a Touring Sedan that we bought new. We're moving to Spain in a few months and I'd like to find it a good home. It's been pared and is a project car.

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  • Charles I had one and loved it . Seated 7 people . Easy to park , great van