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Time to “Revive The Passion”. The Porsche Club of America wants its members to get more excited about their money-raising raffles. Although the raffles usually sell out — I’ve waited too long in the past and missed my chance to win cars like a Cayman 2.7 or Cayenne S — presumably the rate of sale is decreasing.

The first step was to offer cash as an option: disgruntled PCA members who were sick of Porsche’s many concessions to modern cost-cutting reality could then go buy the car they really wanted. Now the club has come up with an even better idea.

Check out the Revive the Passion site. PCA is paying Porsche’s restoration people to rebuild a ratty old ’73 911T 2.4. As far as 911s go, this is pretty far from the top of the desirability ladder. The 911T was the bottom of a lineup consisting of 911T, 911E, and the fabled 911S. And no, not all 911Ts are Targas; the letter stood for something else entirely. The “E” was Einspritz, or fuel injection, while the “S” was Sport. “T” was just… well, probably “T”.

PCA will get my money this year. I’d rather own a 1973 911T, in all of its 160-horsepower, crazy-legs-handling glory, than any of the current lineup. The problem is this: what does it mean when the average Porsche Club member would rather win a used car?

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17 Comments on “When It Comes To Raffled Porsches, Used Beats New...”

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    Andy D

    Sooo, You are an average PCA member? :) Myself, with 25 yrs fixing bugs, I would love a 911 as a toy. My daily driver is a 88 528e. No way am I an average BMW owner.

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    I want the car pictured. I’ve been overcome with a different sort of desire than I’ve ever felt, and my life is currently on hold until I have that car, an appropriate seat, KC Daylighters, some Lexan and whatever I need to sort the car mechanically to be as fast as those porker tires say it should be. No front clip, please.

    I will drive it everyday until I bleed.

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    Just received my PCA email about this today. 130 hp for the T according to the linked PCNA website. And from the other pics the thing looks trashed.

    A complete restoration by the Porsche Classic Workshop. So, that means the car will probably end up as another garage queen to be owned by another middle aged PCA member with a low mileage 997.

    Maybe I’ll buy a ticket or two this year. And if I win I’ll be using it as my daily, just on principle.

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    Having no idea how somebody won a Porsche out from under everyone’s noses, without even entering: Raffle-snaffle baffle.

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    My dream car is a Cayman, or maybe a Boxster. I mean, with the older models, I wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but I’d really prefer the current ones.

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    If the prize was a ’69 911S I’d buy as many tickets as my unemployment check could cover. Two litres, 200HP, 144MPH.

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    “I’d rather own a 1973 911T, in all of its 160-horsepower, crazy-legs-handling glory, than any of the current lineup.”

    It’s even worse than that. According to the PCA website, this gem produces just 140.

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    I’d pay good money to get a car like that. Can non-members join the raffle?

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    I’m not seeing a whole lot wrong with the current lineup, other than price.

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    I was at Symbolic one time when they had a couple of long-hood 911s in the showroom as well as a couple of the latest GT3s. The new cars looked grotesque next to the classics that they dwarfed. The 1973 911T weighed 2,310 lbs compared to about a thousand more for the latest 997. The difference seems larger when the cars are side by side.

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    I’ve always had a jones for the front engined models. Got the 924S, really want a 928, wouldn’t mind a 968. 911’s? Meh.

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    Ditto – I just can’t get excited about any of the “multitude of same-ness” 911s.

    A tidy 928 on the other hand would be in my fantasy 10 car garage (just misses out on the 5 car version)

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    Ever been to a local PCA meeting? The parking lot is full of late model wasser pumpers ala 996/997. The old air cooled 911s are in short supply. The last hardcore PCAers are the 356 set and they tend to keep to themselves as they look down on even the early 911 owners. When you go into the meeting, the room is full of old farts like me. Very few men or women under forty. Most owners of the late 911s are well heeled and don’t wrench their own cars but pay the dealer or an independent shop to maintain them. The 998/997 are so complex that it’s difficult for even a fair shade tree mechanic to do much. A 911T is akin to a Model T (no pun intended) in simplicity. I’d much rather own the restored 911T than any of the newer models. Then you get the joy of smelling burning oil on heat exchangers. With the 996/997 you have a ‘modern’ ride while you wait for your RMS/IMS to fail.

    Porsche sold its soul to Satan in 1999. I miss the old company.

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    I read about a cooler club in Automobile last month. Hot Rodding + Porsche = cool. I would have liked they covered more models, but I didn’t start the club so…

    I think it was yourself who showed a site that was backdating new cars to old look.

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    Domestic Hearse

    First off, an admission: I love old 911s. More than new ones. The smell, the sound, the feel of an old oil/air cooled 911 are the ingredients of an automotive experience no other car can match. At least for me.

    But why would the PCA offer up a 911T (the joke is, the “T” stands for “tame”) to its members in a raffle over a brand new 911?

    And what does that say about the appeal of new Porsches, even to the Porsche faithful?

    Well, first off, while this car in its present form is not much more than a basket case, it will be reworked completely and restored to as-new condition by Porsche Classic Workshop, just outside Zuffenhausen.

    That, right there, is worth the price of admission.

    Once they breathe their magic upon this forlorn and abused T, it will be back-of-the-hand-biting desirable.

    On the road, it will deliver that original, unmistakable, unmatched, authentic 911 experience.

    It will be, in literal interpretation, a “new” car.

    So, Porschephiles, the question is not “why the PCA selected an old “used” 911 over a brand new one.” It’s “would you rather have a new 1973 911, or a new 2010 911?”

    The dealer near me has a parking lot full of new 911s. The only thing one needs is good credit or a big wad of cash to acquire one. The dealer does not have any “new” vintage 911s, nor is it likely that he ever will.

    You, lucky winner, will have perhaps the best 73 911T in the world.

    And better, PCA members are allowed “in” on the process. Log in, watch the progress, see the craftsmanship, see the project evolve, watch the car come alive. All to get the faithful vicariously involved — and attached — to the process and the car.

    It’s a stroke of savvy marketing, and a sound bit of understanding the audience, this current raffle.

    I’m already imagining it parked in my driveway.

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    cRacK hEaD aLLeY

    It means that owning a Mazdaspeed, Evo, Sti etc is more fun, cheaper and less pretentious. And you are really only paying for the slice that matters. The snobberish part is left out since everyone can readily tell these things were born out of econoboxes anyway. Instead, P. tries (and fails) to hide the cheap under a skin that *once* represented something truly exquisite and different.

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    I’m with you Jack.  I own a 944S, a Boxster 2.7, and a European grey-market 81 SC with dual weber carbs and no emissions equipment.  Guess which car is my favorite?

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