Wild-Ass Rumor Of The Day: GM Re-Committing To Compact Pickup Market?

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
wild ass rumor of the day gm re committing to compact pickup market

If you’ve been reading TTAC regularly, you might have noticed that many of us have something of a soft spot for compact pickup trucks. And what started for me as an innate affinity for all forms of cheap, honest, rugged transportation has become full-blown affection on the strength of several months driving a ’92 Toyota with four-cylinders, four-wheel-drive and a manual transmission. Of course, all auto writers struggle with the disconnect between their personal taste and that of the buying public, and cheap full-sized trucks seem to have eliminated all chances of a re-investment in the segment. Ford, for one, has said that it plans on “replacing” its aged Ranger (which dies next year) with Ecoboost-powered F150 options and its Focus hatchback. Dodge, or Ram, or whoever builds the trucks in Auburn Hills is said to be considering an unibody Dakota replacement, but hasn’t made a peep about it in months. Meanwhile, GM is shutting down Canyon/Colorado production at its Shreveport plant by 2012, ending its half-hearted competition in the segment. But, according to Pickuptrucks.com (which is usually one of the best at breaking these kinds of stories), GM is considering a new entry into the otherwise neglected segment.

This is one of those “anonymous sources” deals, and the details are still very fuzzy, but the gist is that

GM is said to be working on a new compact runabout that’s reminiscent of the original Chevrolet S-10, according to our sources… The key elements of success for GM’s future small truck would be fuel economy that’s greater than its full-size pickups and a window sticker that’s significantly less. It would also be a completely different and smaller platform than the planned next-generation overseas version of the Colorado that will be built in Thailand.

According to the report, the fact that other automakers are neglecting the segment, and the recent growth in the size of the Toyota Tacoma have “opened the door” for a possible neo-S-10. Color us intrigued.

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  • Bill Safreed Bill Safreed on Jun 17, 2010

    Just sold my '94 Ranger 4WD automatic, 4.0 V-6. Had it since '96. Will miss it great little truck, but it was nickle and diming us. Just before I sold it had it in for shocks and oil change and A/C recharge, only it needed a new condenser too, total to the tune of $620! Before that it had been another condenser, spring brackets, all the brake lines, master cylinder, three starters, alternator, valve cover, valve cover gaskets (never did solve the oil leaking however) and various and sundry little pieces and parts. I guy in the market for one saw it at the shop, the mechanic knew I was going to sell it, he offered me $3000 cash and I took it. Have an '05 Silverado 2500HD Crew cab now to tow a livestock trailer and run around town in (In my rural area NO ONE gives you the stink-eye for driving a full size P/U or SUV).

  • Also Tom Also Tom on Jul 10, 2010

    I'm having a terrible time wrapping my brain around the phrase "built in Thailand."

  • Art Vandelay And it will alert Tassos and EBFlex so they can stop puffing each other’s peters if another vehicle is in the vicinity and may see their dirty deeds
  • Art Vandelay It was junked due to all of the Peter puffing Tassos and EBFlex did in it. Nobody wants to ride in that. Clearly it is a Hyundai so they never go to the junkyard otherwise
  • Art Vandelay Tassos and EBFlex can puff each others peters in the back while it charges
  • Kenneth Ironic story here...My father's first Hyundai/Kia car was an 86 Hyundai Excel, we drove it from Oklahoma to California and back the first year he had owned it; it was so under powered that every hill on the interstate (and every other road) was done in second gear, he put 300,000 miles on it before he sold it. It wasn't fast, it wasn't fancy but it got the job done and never left him on the side of the road.He owns a 2020 Kia Soul now...My first Hyundai which I recently bought is a 2014 Hyundai Equus Signature which I picked up in Phoenix and drove back to Oklahoma, it is everything that the Excel isn't and so much more.
  • Analoggrotto Another step in towards total adoption of Tesla vehicles for the ENTIRE american public by 2025. Anyone who refuses to admit that TESLA is the best will be deported from our galaxy, our future and our universe.