Head Of NHTSA Office of Defect Investigation Steps Down

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
head of nhtsa office of defect investigation steps down

NHTSA’s head of Defect Investigation will step down, according to the Wall Street Journal [sub]. Kathleen DeMeter has been with NHTSA for 30 years and spent 15 years in her current position. According to DOT officials, DeMeter “delayed her retirement in order to assist the agency during the recent Toyota recall crisis,” but at 60 years of age, it’s just as likely that she is NHTSA’s first casualty of the Toyota investigation fallout. After all, the Secretary doesn’t like having to explain to congress why his investigators only have two electrical engineers. An interim head of Defect Investigation will be named, while NHTSA searches for a permanent replacement… who wants to bet it’s going to be an engineer?

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  • Newcarscostalot Newcarscostalot on Apr 09, 2010

    I would have thought that one of the main requirements to be the manager of this particular office would be that you had to have a degree in engineering to be even be considered, much less hired. I'm wrong again, it seems! :-D

  • SCE to AUX SCE to AUX on Apr 09, 2010

    Since the NHTSA is a government agency, and safety is a very politicized subject, it doesn't surprise me that the job doesn't require filling by an engineer. If it IS filled by an engineer, that too will be a political move. You don't have to be an engineer to lead a department or a project; I should know - as an engineer I work under many project managers and department heads who are not engineers, but excellent leaders.

  • ChuckR ChuckR on Apr 09, 2010

    Heck'uva job, Brownie. Maybe the government should rethink the whole concept of fundamental qualifications. Surely there are some engineers who have the leaderships skills required and the background to know bullshit when it's tossed at them by their own subordinates or by companies they oversee.

  • Vento97 Vento97 on Apr 10, 2010
    "Head Of NHTSA Office of Defect Investigation Steps Down" ....and has accepted a cushy $$$$$ executive position at Toyota...

    • YotaCarFan YotaCarFan on Apr 10, 2010

      "Head of NHTSA Office of Defect Investigation steps down" ....and has accepted the chief engineering position of the electronic gas pedal development division at CTS...