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Cammy Corrigan
by Cammy Corrigan

Don’t you just hate it when a band or stand up comedian you like is doing a show in your area but the second tickets go on sale, they’ve sold out? Then, if you’re really desperate, you enter the world of the ticket tout, where you could pay exorbitant prices for tickets which might not be genuine. Then, if that fails, you fall back on the “Oh, I’ll wait till it comes out on CD/DVD.” train of thought. Then, when you do get it, you’ll always listen/watch it with a sense of emptiness, knowing you missed out on that live performance. Are you feeling depressed now? Well, think how the people of Europe are feeling. At least those who yearn for a certain Ford Focus.

Autocar reports that Ford of Europe is sending the current Ford Focus RS out with a bang by creating a limited edition line called the Ford Focus RS500. The clue is in the name as to how “limited” this edition is. Only 500 will be manufactured. It will have 345BHP (as opposed to the 300BHP in a current Focus RS). It will have a torque of 339lb/ft (as opposed to 325lb/ft in the current model) and the 0-62mph time will be reduced from 5.9 seconds (in the current model) to 5.6 seconds. In the interior, a plaque will be applied on the center console with the car’s limited edition number on it. As I write these words, the chavs in my neighbourhood are almost wetting themselves in anticipation of this car. Well, they can get in line with the rest of them.

Within 12 hours of this being revealed (not launched, revealed – big difference), over 500 expressions of intent to buy Al Gore’s headache came from the UK alone. This means there will be a more than a few disappointed hoonmeisters in the UK as the car is available for sale in the whole of Europe.

The revealing of this car was wrought with problems. A website was set up to control the press releases of this car, but the website was hacked and official pictures of the car were released 48 hours before they were due to be released. Further problems came when after these pictures were leaked, people went into Ford dealerships to buy the car, only for dealers to have no idea what they were talking about as they weren’t briefed by Ford yet.

Still, never mind, you lot won’t get this car. Do you honestly think CAFE would allow it…?

Cammy Corrigan
Cammy Corrigan

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  • Ion Ion on Apr 06, 2010

    2 things have made me lose intrest in the RS: 1 Lily Allen has one. 2 I found out there are kits to convert a 1st gen focus into RWD.

  • Porschespeed Porschespeed on Apr 07, 2010

    How many dollars do you have? For the right amount I'll be more than happy to build you the exact same thing Stateside. It just won't have the factory VIN on it. I'll even build it with (imported) factory parts. This isn't the 70's. If you really want anything, it's readily available, if you have the funds.

  • Scott Miata for the win.
  • Kwik_Shift_Pro4X On a list of things to spend my time and money on, doing an EV conversion on a used car is about ten millionth.
  • TheEndlessEnigma No, no I would/will not.
  • ChristianWimmer If I want an EV then I’ll buy an EV. For city use a small EV with a 200-300 km range (aka “should last for a week with A/C or heater usage”) is ideal. But I only have space for one daily driver and that daily driver also needs to be capable of comfortable long-distance cruising at high speeds and no current EV can do this without rapidly draining its battery charge.
  • SCE to AUX I prefer original, no matter what the car is. If the car has some value, then an electric drivetrain lowers its value. But if it's just a used car, why spend a fortune to install an electric drivetrain?