Curbside Classic Outtake: Free Wheelin'

Paul Niedermeyer
by Paul Niedermeyer
curbside classic outtake free wheelin

Since we’re hanging out in the seventies with Ford, I remembered this truck I shot a couple of weeks ago. It sports the Free Wheelin’ decor package, that was quite the hot item in 1978. The splashy graphics made their way across a whole palette of Fords. It’s been quite awhile since I saw one. You? Hey, let’s go free wheelin’…

Does this take you back to a more free wheelin’ time of life?

And let’s not forget the bitchin’ free wheelin’ Pinto Cruisin’ Wagon’

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  • SirRoxo SirRoxo on Apr 04, 2010

    My ADD's kicking in, holy cow a rust free Celebrity? amazing.

  • I remember that insane striped Pinto wagon concoction with the round quarter window. I wonder if one of those in decent shape may be the first to obtain "collectible" status. That getup is as period as any car will get.

  • Golden2husky 78 Concept is pretty awesome to me -
  • Redapple2 Make mine a 110 Defender- diesel.
  • Redapple2 What is the weight of the tractor? What is the range at full load? What is the recharge time? Not a serious product if they are HIDING the answers.
  • Lou_BC "Owners of affected Wrangles" Does a missing "r" cancel an extra stud?
  • Slavuta One can put a secret breaker that will disable the starter or spark plug supply. Even disabling headlights or all lights will bring more trouble to thieves than they wish for. With no brake lights, someone will hit from behind, they will leave fingerprints inside. Or if they steal at night, they will have to drive with no lights. Any of these things definitely will bring attention.I remember people removing rotor from under distributor cup.