Curbside Classic Clue (Updated With Rare Clue)

curbside classic clue updated with rare clue

Long time regular TTAC reader/contributor Chuck Goolsbee wins his second VW CC Clue. He nabbed the ’75 Rabbit, and now the Bus/Kombi. I guess it takes a lifelong VW driver to know one when he sees one. Congratulations. I don’t think I’ll be giving away too much to say that if Chuck is the VW master guesser, he may come up short with this one. Lots of luck!

[Update: it’s a hard one, so I’ll throw you a bone to at least keep focused: it was built in Michigan]

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  • Jerseydevil Jerseydevil on Apr 15, 2010

    58 thunderbird

  • FleetofWheel FleetofWheel on Apr 15, 2010

    Just the phrase "1970-2010 GM Perception Gap" is hilarious.

  • Dr Lemming Dr Lemming on Apr 15, 2010

    That's an odd one. The picture looks like it is the rear end of a 1950s or early-1960s vehicle, most likely a wagon because of the upright quality of the lines. Am inclined toward a 1950s vehicle because that's when more wagons didn't have a tailgate flush with the bumper. I assume that the chrome at the bottom of the picture is a bumper; if that's not the case then I'm not grasping what part of the vehicle this is. If these above assumptions are correct, I'm not remembering a wagon with such a pronounced horizontal character line right above the bottom of the tailgate. For example, I don't think it is a Checker wagon. Is this a vehicle from a low-volume producer? (Re: not from the then-Big Five.)

  • Rusted Source Rusted Source on Apr 15, 2010

    He was right in thinking 50's - 60's wagon and Checker wagon came to his mind and was only excluded because he recalled it having less flair. He could have just as easily guessed Checker anyway. I'd say give him the glory - I didn't even know there was such a thing as a Checker wagon.