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Chrysler managed to buck the up market very successfully in March. And it’s missing its stated and essential sales targets. With 92k units sold in March, Marchionnes’ 1.1 million goal for 2010 is slipping further from reach by the month. The lowlights: HD Ram trucks are up 20%! Jeep eked out a 3% rise. Challenger is up 50%. And the Sebring is crawling back from the abyss with a 69% spike. Minivans are split: T&C up 30%; Caravan down 32%. The all-important Ram pickups are still sagging, down 8% in March, and -18% YTD. The full ugly details after the jump:

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21 Comments on “Chrysler Drops 8% In March...”

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    The picture is missing a big “loaf” with a pentastar on it.

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    “I want the entire pool scrubbed,
    sterilized, and disinfected!”

    -Judge Smails

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    Yuk, the rental car companies are going to pushing Sebrings rather than Malibus or Sonatas this year.

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    So have they finally sold the last of the Crossfires?

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    Robert Schwartz

    Which of these cars, if any, are still actually in production?

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    So basically, splitting RAM off of Dodge either did nothing at all, or made things worse.

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    Time to pull the plug on Grandma…

    -Unnamed Republican

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    Despite the fall, this is to be expected. Sergio Marchionne said that the early months will be of poor sales, since they are selling their old products with minimal discounts (As Marchionne claimed that last year’s discounts were like something from “Disneyland”, which is true; they were pushing Rams and Minivans out the door with 10K off). But it should be noted that although volute is lower, Chrysler is making substantially more money on the cars they are selling.

    So, I guess it isn’t all bad. However, Chrysler better hope their new models take off and sell like hotcakes to offset the poor sales in the first half of the year.

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    What a waste of taxpayer money. Go away Chrysler. Nobody loves you.

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      Chrysler don’t listen to Ryan. I love you, you just need to lose some weight and get better fitting clothes and you will find that special someone.

      Love stationwagon

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    Richard Chen

    Currently on vacation, driving a rental 2010 T&C Touring which had just 5 miles and will be returned with about 1300. Figure Dollar Rent A Car got a great deal on these as it’s well equipped, with power hatch and dual power sliding doors, Bluetooth audio. Decent handling and power given it weighs a two and a half tons fully laden. Interior has some nice touches such as the LED reading and background lights, but plastics are disappointing. Rear seats aren’t much different than the previous version as the floorplan was carried over, third row is only good for two booster seats.

    A fine rental for a week, but wouldn’t want one as a keeper.

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    Someone save the Jeep brand (i.e. the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee).

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      Jeep needs to go prune back to their historical lineup of 3 vehicles. A no frills off roader, a larger Luxo-Barge with some off road capabilit, and a smaller wagon of sorts.

      Kill everything but the Wrangler, Grand Cherokee and Patriot. Offer a picked based on the longer Wrangler. Offer Diesel at all trim levels across the board.

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      That’s not a bad idea. Jeep should be:

      1. Wrangler – This is nice, but it would be great if they could stop making it bigger.
      2. Grand Cherokee – The new model is just about ready.
      3. Patriot – this is the closest they have to the old XJ. They should stick with it and keep improving it.

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    I was at my semi-local Chrysler dealership (my local dealership didn’t make the cut) yesterday, picking up a part, and I noticed they didn’t have a lot of cars on the lot. What’s the Chrysler inventory situation?

    (BTW I saw a Caliber with the new interior but without the display screen. It is an improvement, but nothing special.)

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    92000 units x 12 months is 1.1 million units.

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    Gover, we’re in the big Spring sales period. For Chrysler to get 1.1 million units, it has to sell more now (about 20% more) to make up for the dead sales months that include Christmas, Thanksgiving, Columbus Day and Talk Like a Pirate Day.

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    “Talk like a Pirate Day”! How come we don’t get that in Canada?

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