What's Wrong With This Picture: To Protect, Serve And Haul A Little Ass Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
whats wrong with this picture to protect serve and haul a little ass edition

Ford’s new Taurus-based Interceptor will be available with the 3.5 liter Duratec, or the twin-turbo Ecoboost engine. Front wheel drive is standard, and AWD will be an option. But then, if you got to use other people’s tax money to buy your work ride, would you really save the few bucks by not buying the 365 hp, AWD version? Of course not. You are the law! Libraries can always have bake sales. [via Jalopnik]

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  • Z71_Silvy Z71_Silvy on Mar 12, 2010

    "Dear Ford, Thank you for building such a mediocre appliance. We sure appreciate being handed the police market on a silver platter. It will go well next to the ambulance market you handed us. Your friend, GM"

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    • Z71_Silvy Z71_Silvy on Mar 13, 2010

      Nate...here's the deal: The Taurus itself is a bland appliance...but all of the changes necessary to make it a squad have made it heavier, more thirsty for fuel...and STILL not as good as the Crown Vic (when you take EVERYTHING into account). Sure the Taurus can probably do the job (about as good as an Intrepid anyway), but when it comes to repairs--both in cost of parts and labor time--the Crown Vic has it beat every time. Add to that the price increase over the Crown Vic and this thing is destined to fail. With this (rather poor) Taurus squad...there is no reason to stick with Ford...with the Crown Vic, there was. My public safety agency just paid 23K apiece for some new Crown Vics. I have talked with employees at the Crown Vic factory who say that it costs around $12,000 to build a Crown Vic. Do you think this Taurus has that kind of margin? Hell no. Ford is still paying off the initial investment into the (failed) D3 platform/Five Hundred and it's counterparts. They have yet to pay for the (failed) Flex, (failed) 2008 Taurus, (failed) 2008 Sable, (failed) Taurus X, (failed) Flex, (failed) Lincoln Taurus, (failed) 2010 Taurus...or Taurus III, (failed) Lincoln Flex. And why Ford would want to fleet dump their so-called "flagship" is beyond me...Ford spent millions repairing the damaged they caused to the Taurus name...and now, they are going to damage it again because of this. As for the ambulance thing...Ford is trying to con EMS agencies into buying an E-Series with the boat anchor V10...and they are saying "HELL NO" in droves. My Public Safety agency is now buying a Chevrolet ambulance with the D-MAX (better then Ford's diesel anyway) and upon hearing that the new Taurus squad is FWD (frail wheel drive), we are now going to be buying the new Caprice when it arrives. ---------------------------- rmwill: The Caprice is not unprofitable. It uses American engines in a platform that is sold all over the world. The tooling is paid for, the engines are paid for...and it was federalized on the back of the G8. GM was just handed the police market on a silver platter.

  • Ion Ion on Mar 12, 2010

    Whether this will sell or not probably will come down to how it does in the reviews that police academy publishes. I don't read about the Charger's IRS breaking under police use so I doubt FWD will be an issue outside of pit maneuvers. Sure precincts have stayed away from FWD cars in the past but those were all shitty cars to begin with. The Impala and Intrepid were/are garbage in civie clothes I doubt they could polish those turds much for police use.

  • RHD I wonder if these will be as easy to steal as so many other Kias are...
  • Zerog Isn't this the car that the self anointed AutoExtremist said would finally shut down Tesla AND the Prius?Just like his father - that Detroit bubble does him no good
  • Zerog When will the media admit that Mary Barra has simply been a disaster of a CEO, and "Dan the Man" Akerson is to blame?
  • Tassos When the Volt was on sale, it cost twice as much as the (better looking!) Chevy Cruze on which it was based. The interior of the Volt did not match that lofty price either. I like plug-in vehicles with a good Electric only range and no range anxiety. People with a 40 mile commute each way, if they were allowed to free charge at the office especially, could save some $ with the Volt, but not as much as to justify its lofty price.The 2nd gen VOlt was less nerdy looking than the 1st, but also even more similar to the new Cruze and indeed the Civic, which cost almost HALF. Then the geniuses at GM made a 2-door Caddy out of the Volt, the ELR, which was much smaller inside than the already cramped Volt, and... asked for... 4 times the price of the CRUZE. Don't remember the failed Caddy Cimarron? Neither did those morons.So a good idea in principle was screwed beyond recognition. GM Bled billions despite the lofty price, sold a bunch of VOlts, and finally had to cry "UNCLE". The end.I am not at all attracted by the VOlt's lousy interior. Its gas only MPG is also lousy compared to the ICE competition. A prius was 50% cheaper and far more sophisticated mechanically and got a stellar 50 MPG overall, and could be had in plugin with 10-20 mile range (the current one will double that again).
  • Buickman GM marketing killed many a car.