What's Wrong With This Picture: A Solstice For Alfa's Dark Night Of The Soul Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
whats wrong with this picture a solstice for alfas dark night of the soul edition

With all the drama surrounding Alfa Romeo’s future, it’s heartening to see that the brand is still taking the time to work on core competencies like the emotional drop-top two-seater. Nobody knows for sure if Alfa will survive past the end of this year, but if they do, this is probably how they should celebrate. Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne has been urging Alfa to “find religion,” and soon… happily, the 2uettottanta Concept sure looks like the work of true believers. With just a little Pontiac Solstice thrown in for good measure.

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  • Gogogodzilla Gogogodzilla on Mar 02, 2010

    Very nice looking car. If I were in the market for a 2 seater, I'd definitely want to check this out.

  • Porschespeed Porschespeed on Mar 02, 2010

    Gorgeous. I guess I kinda understand how people are getting Solstice undertones, but the Solstice was just a totally Pontiac looking car - even the Aura looked better. All the Solstice needed was a screamin' chicken on the hood and they could have named it TransAm redux. If the finished product is as sexy as the concept, I may return to having at least one Alfa floating around...

  • Fred I don't know about those big screens. Is there a way to minimize the display, so it's not so distracting? Especially at night the glow doesn't make it easy for me.
  • Arthur Dailey Toronto Blue Jays' games are only available on AM radio. As I am 'on the road' quite often when the Jays play that is my only option for listening to the game. So an AM radio is something of a 'must have' for me.
  • JMII My brother tracked one of these for several years... it will embarrass other sports cars. He sold it to someone who still rips it around on track days. Given my previous VW experience I wouldn't touch it but these are surprising quick and handle well for hatchback credit going to a decent AWD system. $16k seems crazy, but Rs aren't that common and this one appears to be in great condition and seems well sorted.
  • Arthur Dailey I meant the grille and the profile along the passenger area. Look closely and it is reminiscent of the Journey.
  • Daniel 16500 pesos