VW's Jacoby: We're On A Roll!

Cammy Corrigan
by Cammy Corrigan
vw s jacoby we re on a roll

When VW declared that they wanted to triple their sales in America to 1 million units, many thought VW had drunk too much brake fluid. Well, it seems that the Wolfsburg Warriors’ plans of world domination (don’t worry, I’m not going to invoke “Godwin’s Law”) may be coming to fruition. Sometime.

USA Today has the good news that Volkswagen is on a roll in America. Or make that Stefan Jacoby is. The CEO of Volkswagen of America gave a speech at this year’s NADA convention in Orlando. Rarely did a CEO heap so much praise upon himself. Jacoby said that when he came to power at Volkswagen America, VW was 30th out of 36th in overall satisfaction. The following year, VW had shot up to 15th. Now VW ranks 7th. VW also made strides in JD Power Initial Quality and 4 of their models were top safety picks from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Couple this with the opening of their Chattanooga, Tennessee factory, and suddenly, VW’s plans for tripling their American sales enter the realm of the possible – by 2018.

There are people in his ranks who do not share Jacoby’s optimism. Part of Jacoby’s tripling sales plan is Audi. According to strategy, Audi is supposed to sell 200,000 vehicles in the United States, again by 2018. However, “the luxury brand’s North American chief isn’t completely on board with that target,” reports Automotive News [sub] from Orlando. Audi of America President Johan de Nysschen says profitable growth is more important than hitting an arbitrary sales number eight years out. “I’m not married to 200,000 cars,” de Nysschen told Automotive News at the sidelines of NADA. “Everybody talks about my business except the guy who runs it.”

“We are not going to chase volume for the sake of volume,” de Nysschen said. “We will only grow if it puts an extra dollar in the bank. Otherwise it is no good.” There is a man who sounds like he wants Jacoby’s job.

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  • Fred diesel Fred diesel on Feb 15, 2010

    There will have to be a serious increase in the number of suckers born every minute. At least VW/Audi keeps repair shops in biz.

  • Redmondjp Redmondjp on Feb 15, 2010

    No way no how is this going to happen. My $ is on Hyundai/Kia, as they are doing what VW has done in the past (selling decent entry-level, affordable cars). VW has gone upmarket, cutting directly into Audi's territory (Phaeton anybody? What's that? Never heard of it? How about the Turdegg?), and abandoned the entry-level market that they owned for decades. And the Tiguan is nothing more than a badge-engineered Chrysler minivan--why??? Just buy a Chrysler if you want one, they are made in the same @#$%^ plant! I have owned a 1996 Passat TDI sedan for five years now and the reliability of the body electromechanical systems (door handles, window regulators, electrical anything) is the worst of any of the 28 cars I have ever owned in my life, and most of my cars have been American ones. It has multiple intermittent power window failures (nothing like getting somewhere and finding out that the window(s) fail to go up when you want to leave the car). I would agree that the 4-cylinder 5-speed pre-'99.5 Jettas are good cars, however. VW still makes the Gen 1 Rabbits in South Africa, and you can get one with a 3-cylinder direct-injected turbodiesel that will get 70mpg on the highway. Now if you could sign a waiver regarding the US safety requirements at the dealership, these vehicles would still sell well here but that will never happen.

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    • Edwin Edwin on Feb 16, 2010

      Hi Redmondjp, I think it's time for a new car in your life. :) Sincerely, Edwin

  • Sayahh Is it 1974 or 1794? The article is inconsistent.
  • Laura I just buy a Hyndai Elantra SEL, and My car started to have issues with the AC dont work the air sometimes is really hot and later cold and also I heard a noice in the engine so I went to the dealer for the first service and explain what was hapenning to the AC they told me that the car was getting hot because the vent is not working I didnt know that the car was getting hot because it doesnt show nothing no sign no beep nothing I was surprise and also I notice that it needed engine oil, I think that something is wrong with this car because is a model 23 and I just got it on April only 5 months use. is this normal ? Also my daughter bought the same model and she went for a trip and the car also got hot and it didnt show up in the system she called them and they said to take the car to the dealer for a check up I think that if the cars are new they shouldnt be having this problems.
  • JamesGarfield What charging network does the Polestar use?
  • JamesGarfield Re: Getting away from union plantsAbout a dozen years or so ago, Caterpillar built a huge new engine plant, just down the road here in Seguin TX. Story has it, Caterpillar came to Seguin City council in advance, and told them their plans. Then they asked for no advanced publicity from Seguin, until announcement day. This new plant was gonna be a non-union replacement for a couple of union plants in IL and SC, and Cat didn't want to stir up union problems until the plan was set. They told Seguin, If you about blab this in advance, we'll walk. Well, Seguin kept quiet as instructed, and the plan went through, with all the usual expected tax abatements given.Plant construction began, but the Caterpillar name was conspicuously absent from anywhere on the site. Instead, the plant was described as being a collective of various contractors and suppliers for Caterpillar. Which in fact, it was. Then comes the day, with the big new plant fully operationa!, that Caterpillar comes in and announces, Hey, Yeah it's our plant, and the Caterpillar name boldly goes up on the front. All you contractor folks, welcome aboard, you're now Caterpillar employees. Then, Cat turns and announces they are closing those two union plants immediately, and will be transporting all the heavy manufacturing equipment to Seguin. None of the union workers, just the equipment. And today, the Caterpillar plant sits out there, humming away happily, making engines for the industry and good paying jobs for us. I'd call that a winner.
  • Stuki Moi What Subaru taketh away in costs, dealers will no doubt add right back in adjustments.... Fat chance Subaru will offer a sufficient supply of them.