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All smiles: Volvo’s new owners. Picture courtesy

Chinese Gasgoo is quoting Sweden’s Dagens Industri (DI) as saying that Geely will sign a contract later this week for the intellectual property rights of Ford’s Volvo Cars. Let’s hope everybody has their translations right.

Reportedly, the deal will stay as reported: Volvo Cars will keep the key technologies and IP rights that it has developed. The new owner Geely “will have access to them.” Volvo will be able to use “some of Ford’s IP” to continue its business.

The New York Times is still fantasizing about a “Swedish solution” but thinks that in the end, the deal will go to Geely. Geely is bringing one thing to the table the other bidders don’t have in abundance: “Money is not a problem for Geely,” said a Geely insider to Gasgoo.

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13 Comments on “Volvo/Geely Deal To Be Inked This Week...”

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    People always say “money will be no problem”, until it is.

    Ford, say goodbye to your true premium brand and hello to your newest competitor.

    btw Bertel, when will we see another of your fabulous autoVWbio pieces?

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      btw Bertel, when will we see another of your fabulous autoVWbio pieces?
      I’ve been racking my brain, but I seem to have exhausted the funny ones.  I decided to stop while I still can laugh. I’d have some salacious ones, and some not so funny ones, but I’m not in a kiss & tell mood. Occasionally, some “inside of Wolfsburg” (such as “the biological solution”) does make it into my posts, but that’s it for the time being.

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    Cammy Corrigan

    Funnily enough, I was just about to ask the same question! Those stories used to make me laugh like a drain. Surely you must have had a hand in VW’s marketing in  North America? There’s mess-ups a plenty there!
    Anyway, back to topic. Is this deal done and dusted? I read that interest in Volvo was hotting up?

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    Cammy: I never had a hand in the NA side. Even during my life in the US, I always worked for Volkswagen HQ.  Internationally, yes, but for VW NA, no. Wolfsburg tried to insert me, but Auburn Hills always (correctly) assumed I’m a foreign spy and rejected me.

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    It’s really a shame to see Volvo go to the Chinese.  I’m sure that (eventually), Golvo (Veely??) will come to America’s shores and after a brief period of protest, will finally secure a beachhead into the American automotive market with cheap knockoffs.  Maybe I should grab up a C30 now while it still speaks Swedish… 

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    Rover, Hummer, SAAB, Volvo… and so it goes.

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    also Tom

    a shame. I was also hoping Volvo would end up back in Swedish hands.

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    The “face” of that car, and the face of the girl are strangely similar. 

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    Well, if you are not going to marry the bride, hold your silence during the wedding ceremony. Whatever knockoffspring that will produce is not your business.

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    The automotive industry is going to be brutal over the next decade…

    1. a handful of generic silver and gray Hyundais and cars that Hyundai copies for the masses
    2.  hybrid trendoid enviro-cars
    3. and…blinged out 2Fast2Furious garbage for the teenage fan boys and gangsta wannabes and the fat older tasteless men who want to be like them with their 20″ chrome wheeled Chrysler 300s …

    If any cool cars do poke through, they will be so few and far between, that any auto enthusiasts with taste will see themselves coming and going on a daily basis, and where is the fun in that.

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    Kind of odd in a way that the number of model lines proliferates while at the same time the manufacturers get bigger, yet cars for the most part seem more blah. Maybe it’s a good time to look for a resurgence of interest in older cars.

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    Let’s at least hope Geely starts to make safer cars, since Volvo has the world’s most advanced crash test facility.

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    This sounds like a nice set of parents.. losing a adopted set of kids to the abusive original parents… and being lied to.. that it should all be fine and dandy.

    Heven help them.
    Imagine VOLVO… with this kind of company.. eeegads

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