By on December 10, 2009

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11 Comments on “Volt Birth Watch 178: Splashdown...”

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    There you have it, folks, the Chevrolet Volt walks on water!

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    We have now proven that the Volt can be pushed very quickly by a truck when it stalls out in a puddle.


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    Glad they are doing this test as we’ll have the huge cloud of spash and spray along side and behind every overweight, overlength, overheight, and overwidth truck for many many years to come.  The American Trucking Association (ATA) pays good money to key legislators keep it that way.

    Civilization as we know it would cease to exist if truckers were forced to spend the $100 to dramatically correct the problem.

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      Trucks in North America have been limited to 40 tons, 1 53 ft or 2X28 trailer(s) and 102″ wide since the early 90s.  Lacking a mud flap will put you out of service until its corrected when its caught at any scalehouse.  Still 18-20 22in wheels will throw up a lot of water and dirt.

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    So I won’t need a snorkel kit for the batteries?

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    Lots of great “lithium meets water” videos on youtube: ,

    but my favorite is the lithium battery overcharge reaction:

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    I would expect these tests to be done on any vehicle.
    Here’s a question: What happens when a Volt is plugged in, and the connection gets wet, either from rain or a spill?

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      I wouldn’t think that would be a problem. I’d worry about an accident where there is a fire or if something goes wrong with the charging system. The moisture problem would be more likely if the battery case is compromised/cracked without your knowledge and you go through water.

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    This video is full of metaphors for what ails GM and the Volt.   

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    The looks GM gives us into the development of the Chevy Volt are stunning. Thank you for your transparency, GM, thank you!

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    So this is what happens..

    GMT900 frames.. are pushing this down our throats… with a coula hundred gallons of water.. to find out of we will swallow it..


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