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Speaking of upscale...

GM announced today that Buick-GMC sales manager Brian Sweeney has been promoted to the top spot at Buick-GMC after his predecessor Michael Richards left the position after nine days on the job. According to the Detroit News, Sweeney began his GM career at GMC in 1990 and has served as vice president of sales at Saab Cars USA and sales manager of GM’s north-central region.

Sweeney’s appointment was announced just in time for him to unveil GMC’s latest attempt at upscale profit-squeezing: the Acadia Denali. Pricing has not been released, but according to DetN, the Denali version gets

20-inch wheels, dual-chrome exhaust, body-colored fascia, wood-trim steering wheel and honeycomb grill.

Any guesses as to how much they’ll charge for these sweet nothings? Top-spec, non-Denali Acadias currently start at about $43,000 before incentives, almost exactly the same as a top-spec Buick Enclave. Loading either model with all options carries either to just over $51,000. Presumably the Denali model also has even more chrome on the window surrounds than other versions, adding to its upscale image and inflated price. But when will Buick get a luxury sub-brand?

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30 Comments on “New Buick-GMC Chief Reveals Acadia Denali...”

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    Something about the Acadia Denali Name.. just breeds confusion.

    What we need are Sierra Denali’s and Envoy Denali’s, and Vue err Terrain Denali’s and Canyon Denali’s..

    See what is the point..
    Thats like giving a child 2 first names..

    John Michael…

    Can we just pick one..
    Then again.. whats the purpose of having a suffix at the end of standard names from GMC— oh thats right.. professional grade and 5-10g xtra for a Chevy badged vehicle. CA-CHING!

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    Reminds me of Oldsmobile, with Cutlass attached to every vehicle name

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    They sold enough of the tarted up Envoy Denalis, which was a vastly inferior vehicle to begin with. They weren’t cheap, either, not counting the massive incentives that I would assume must have moved them. I would think they’ll sell at least a few of these.
    Much worse than the vehicle is the fact that, as a disadvantaged brand to begin with (look what they’re selling), GMC is now headed up by yet another long-term GM employee who probably has some or all of the negative connotations included therein. Further, his history has enough baggage to fill the claim area at LaGuardia: history with the terribly mismanaged Saab brand and mild success with the market-dependent GMC brand…
    He could be a diamond in the rough, but all signs point to complete failure.

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    Denali unibody station wagon? They oughta call it the McKinley, since it’s clearly a latter-day revisionist SUV. Not only that, but Acadia is already a National Park, named for a part of Canada and the US that later led into the term “Cajun” in the Mississippi Valley, but they’re adding a trimline for a National Park and Mountain in Alaska.

    Personally, I’ll hold out for the GMC Canyon Everglades Big Bend Shenandoah Edition.

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    This (and the thread about adding chrome window surrounds) tells me that having no idea how to maintain or gain market share, GM is aiming for a larger profit margin on what little they are are selling. 

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    This company is so screwed wasting time on $hit like this on CUV’s, while so little effort goes into making an excellent, solid, reasonable car that people will want, can afford and actually use.

    I wonder if this guy will include “deck chair arranger on RMS Titanic” on his resume after this is all said, done and over? 

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    Why doesn’t it have a V8 engine like other Denalis?  I thought that, at one time, a V8 engine was planned for the Lambda CUVs.

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      I’m sure the 5.3V8 that was used in the last Impala SS would fit but have you seen the EPA numbers on the regular Acadia?  V6 FWD is lucky to hit 25MPG, the V8 would probably make a Suburban blush with it’s addiction to dino-juice.

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    What, a GM Arcadia DENIAL?
    sorry, I had to make this joke, since denial is part of GM’s life it only would make sense naming cars like their lifestyle.

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    All the glitz and glam goes away the first time your camshaft explodes, your transmission tanks or you take in enough water to fill a fishtank with. Denali or not, I know way too many people who have had these problems. No amount of glitz is going to get these folks back ever again.

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      Funny, the exaggerations you proclaim.  There was a cam shaft problem that was fixed, but no exploding was going on.  There have been some transmission updates to fix some performance issues, but no transmissions tanking.  The problem with the water is terrible, but has also been fixed with better drain tubes on the sunroof.

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    Carlson Fan

    Big deal, so let them offer a Denali version. Pretty much every other GMC truck has that trim level so it only makes sense to offer it with the Acadia. Obviously GMC customers find “value” with the word Denali on the side of their vehicles. Chevrolet offers the same thing with its LTZ  trim package. 

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    Sweeney began his GM career at GMC in 1990 and has served as vice president of sales at Saab Cars USA

     With a resume like that how could he fail?

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    Carlson Fan

    “All the glitz and glam goes away the first time your camshaft explodes, your transmission tanks or you take in enough water to fill a fishtank with. Denali or not, I know way too many people who have had these problems. No amount of glitz is going to get these folks back ever again.”

    Insert any other car manufacturer with the word Denali. They all have there problems.  Some more than others. My experience is that GM is better than most. 

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    What a bloomin waste of time and resources. Why why why does GM need a duplicate truck company? Wake me when they get a Chief that knows what the hell he’s doing and starts making sensible decisions.

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    …almost exactly the same as a top-spec Buick Enclave.
    Aaaaand here is why this car is stupid, doubly so now that GMC and Buick are in the same channel.  Two cars, same platform, same options, same dealer, same price, only differing in the details.  Wonderful, GM engineers it’s its own best competition.  Again.
    This car ought to have been Cadillac, who really would benefit from a Lambda-based Escalade that doesn’t drive or ride like a truck and could be priced at or above the Enclave.  Of course, that would have made sense, just like killing GMC off entirely would, too.

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      I agree that selling essentially the same vehicle on the same show room floor makes little sense.  But, what I can’t explain, is that the Acadia and Enclave together sell about the same as the total of the Traverse.  So, while it works for this product, and I don’t know why it does, I don’t see anyone killing off a profitable vehicles that are popular selling machines.  Also, while it is the essentially the same vehicle, the materials in the Enclave are much nicer than what is available in the Acadia.
      Caddy is supposed to be a Lambda, but I don’t know when.  But killing of GMC makes no sense.  It is profitable and requires minimal invest money over Chevy.  While kill of something that makes money?

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      But whats the point of a Burban / Tahoe and THEIR copies… with the Lambdas right along side.

      They virtually compete with EACH other.

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      They do, and they don’t.  The Tahoe and Suburban are bigger.  They have much more towing capacity.  They are trucks.
      Why not say the same thing about the Toyota Highlander, 4Runner, Sequioa, and Land Crusier.  Aren’t they essentially the same?  The answer is no, they are not.

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    As I’ve said before, GarbageMotorsCo.  always brings a lot to the table.

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    Seems like nothing but a big joke. Not familiar but is GM actually selling any of these vehicles for $40-50k+?

    Reminds me of the original and second generation Denali’s. Just to mention, there was a GMC Denali before there was a Cadillac Escalade.

    This vehicle at best assuming it is as successful as GM could possibly hope for, a very small niche offering.

    Several months later, Buick GMC’s new GM trained fanboi will hopefully be joining Ms. Docherty in their new pursuits

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    Traverse, Enclave, and Acadia are all good sellers. Denali a variation GMC offers to prospective customers. What’s the big deal?

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    i really like the Acadia. it was my favourite CUV when i ventured over to that side of the world

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