Volt Birth Watch 172: 3rd Generation Sustainability?

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

“In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation,” goes a famous line in the Great Law of the Iroquois, “even if it requires having skin as thick as the bark of a pine.” Though TTAC tests the thickness of GM’s skin on a daily basis, GM is ahead of the seven-generation game. The Detroit News reports that GM’s engineering staff are already working on the Volt’s third-generation hardware, although previous iterations are still being used to collect data. Meanwhile, the major challenge remain getting everything road-ready for a 2010 launch, a goal that will be reached… “barring any last minute problems.” “I did place a lot of faith in the battery companies, who said they could have them ready,” admits Bob Lutz. Oh, and there’s still one other major obstacle to overcome: the cost. Test vehicles cost “over $250,000” per vehicle to build, and a major focus of the testing process has been reducing the build cost. And despite the earlier Volt-as-sports-sedan rhetoric, the top attained speed in testing is 107 mph, although engineers say it will likely be limited to 104 mph. Though that’s faster than most EV early-adopters will take their Volts anyway, it’s also only about 15 mph faster than the much-cheaper Nissan Leaf EV, a vehicle that the Volt will have to differentiate itself from considerably to earn its estimated $10k premium over the non-range-extended EV.

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • GarbageMotorsCo. GarbageMotorsCo. on Nov 23, 2009

    "Until actual pricing and incentives are more than just heresay, your pulling straws out of your butt as to how much it will actually cost to drive a Volt off the lot ." So is Mr. Lutz then http://green.autoblog.com/2008/06/19/lutz-pegs-first-generation-chevy-volt-price-tag-at-40-000 "Still you go ahead and give your money to the oil companies, I’ll give mine to GM – happily!" Mr. Obama thanks you for your generousity.

  • Carlson Fan Carlson Fan on Nov 23, 2009

    We're approaching 2010 and you provide a link from 2008? A lot has changed in 2 years, I'm sure Mr. Lutz would agree. "Mr. Obama thanks you for your generousity." Has nothing to do with generousity, trust me on that.

  • Blindfaith Blindfaith on Dec 07, 2009

    I like the true blue Toyota folks that believe Toyota builds a quality product. Just as the dead folks how they feel about a car that surges forward and cannot be stopped until it runs into something big enough to stop it. Like another car or tree. This same problem killed a German brand. Why not Toyota. Welll let's See , Blindfaith

  • Blindfaith Blindfaith on Dec 07, 2009

    The 3 engine configurations for VOLT can be sold with little effort as follows: IC powering electric motor with no extra batteries for the first 40. reduces cost. very efficient design. electric motors have so much more torque and IC engine can run at steady state high efficiency. Reduces weight of vehicle Electric only just leave the IC out reduces cost, for EPA lovers little pollution reduces weight Battery first 40 miles, IC power to replace depleted batteries Today's version most expensive but include the above options and let buyer choose