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Though New York’s new “Empire Gold” license plates aren’t opening the same constitutional can of worms as South Carolina’s recently-rejected “I Believe” plates, they’re still generating some feisty political opposition. By next April, every licensed vehicle in the state will have to switch to the new plates, at $25 a pop. That’s ten bucks more per plate than the previous models, and keeping your previous number or vanity plate will cost an additional $20. The switch is estimated to raise $129m for the state, which is currently facing a $5b budget shortfall. But according to Newsday, some 57,000 New Yorkers have signed a petition at, expressing their displeasure with the new plates and their fees. Best of all, the new plates will mean new jobs for 120 inmates in New York’s penal system. The inmates will be paid 42 cents per hour to produce the plates.

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13 Comments on “New NY License Plates: Empire Gold For The Empire State...”

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    Another way for the politicians to take the easy way out rather than actually cut spending or raise taxes.

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    This is why I am leaving the state. An ugly new plate and I have to pay a combined $70 for my car. I hope some heads roll on this.

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    Wow!  In VA, you can ask for new plates for free, at least after 10 years — does not apply to vanity plates.  And in our state, the plates stay with you, not the car. 

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    In NY plates stay with you. I’ve had the same plate on my last three cars.

    Any word if this applies to motorcycles as well?

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      In NY plates stay with you. I’ve had the same plate on my last three cars. Any word if this applies to motorcycles as well?
      Unless you are talking about vanity plates, this is  false.  In New York you must surrender plates when there is a change of title. That’s been true as long as I have lived here (> 25 years).
      The last time there was a change in plates (they added another digit sometime in the mid-90s) one had to buy new plates when the registration was renewed.

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    Be careful or New York will raise the fee to 100 dollars or more. Be glad they stopped when they did. With 20 billion in deficits you have to get creative in fleecing the populace.
    Just think of all the great government services you get for the money. Wow.

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    I think they should go to a $200 plate fee. No need to be as far behind California in this regard as NYS is now. On second thought, make it $400 per plate – takes care of 40% of that deficit. And catches up to or beats those damn Californians with their registration fees.
    It will be bad, but sooner rather than later, one of the states is going to take a big insolvency dump. Regrettably, the other states are unlikely to learn the merest thing from it.

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    I don’t care if you charge me $20 but let me design the plate, the new one looks ugly!

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    Uhm,  you think the UGLY plate is an accident? Silly rabbits.  First it will encourage more people to buy vanity plates, and second  after a bunch of complaints about how ugly it is (and it is)… people will get to buy another new plate -like it or not- that is LESS ugly.

    That’s how pro’s play the game, kids.

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    Florida has done basically the same thing recently.  There was  a 35 percent increase in the cost of annual registration fees.  Replacing a license will cost $25, up from $10.  The most dramatic price increase is the initial vehicle registration fee, which jumps from $100 to $225.   This not only applies to cars, but to boats, trailers and anything else the requires registration.

    It amazes me how government in general can’t control spending and always comes up with a new tax or tax increase to cover their excessive spending habits.  I wish I could grant myself a raise if I wanted to spend more.

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    Just one more small reason I don’t live east of the Mississippi river anymore.  Even
    though I do have to work there on occasion.  But I certainly am happy that enough
    of you like it in the east enough to stay there.

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