What's Wrong With This Picture: Bugatti Hatches a Family Car Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
what s wrong with this picture bugatti hatches a family car edition

Bugatti’s newest concept, the Galibier, has hit the autoblogopshere, revealing a long, low, shapely . . . hatchback. Luckily it’s a really extra special opulent hatchback with eight exhaust pipes and a name jacked from an Alpine pass (and the Bugatti history books). Otherwise one might be tempted to call it rude things . . . like the grandchild of a Bentley Continental, the Chrysler 200C concept, a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a church organ. Start saving those millions!

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  • TheMrFreeze Wife and I bought just bought new (to us) daily drivers...both have manual transmissions and neither has any kind of "new" safety nanny technology in it. By choice. That's how we roll.
  • IanGTCS Where I live safety inspections are only required when transferring ownership except between spouses. The ministry or police can in theory pull unsafe vehicles off the road but I haven't heard of that happening. Commercial vehicles over a certain weight required annual inspections and I've seen unsafe ones removed from the road a few times. I'm honestly fine with no regular inspections. A ball joint or bearing can go from fine to goodbye wheel in less time than a year anyways. Can't say I see too many total wrecks driving around so it would be kind of pointless.
  • IH_Fever No. I'd rather that money be spent to enforce vehicle laws on an as needed basis. The 10 year old car with a check engine light on for some sensor is a danger to no one. The crapbox with 5 different color body panels, paper tags and saran wrapped windows is more of a concern.
  • Xidex I will have to say, I do not like Camaro's especially the latest ones, but that is one sweet looking car !
  • SCE to AUX Say, when's that goofy rotary range extender coming to the US for the lame MX-30 EV?Not gonna happen, but at least I can get a pricey paint job on a CX-5.