By on September 4, 2009

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18 Comments on “Curbside Classic Capsule: Scout SR2 to MARY KAY SRX: The SUV’s Final Evolutionary Step?...”

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    I’m not so sure. That Caddy is starting to look like an old station wagon again.

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    I don’t get it. What’s the topic here?

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    The topic is about the evolution of the SUV from a Farmer’s haybail-hauler to a Make-Up Artist’s pink-purse.

    For reference, think of dungarees and haute couture designer jeans.

    (Question: How did they classify an International Scout anyhow? I don’t recall hearing the phrase SUV until sometime in the 80’s.)

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    I almost bought a Scout II back in ’79 after a particularly snowy winter in Chicago. I wanted 4WD and it was either that or a Subaru wagon. Both were anti-chick magnets, but I was sick of trying to get my Corolla SR5 out of snowbanks. The Subaru won for it’s interior creature comforts, as the Scout was clearly designed by the truckmeisters at IH who figured that anything not waterproof was just going to get ruined anyway. It was definitely more butch than the Subaru, tho.

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    No, this SRX is an evolutionary dead end. The process of off-roaders morphing into automotive jewelry carries on with the Lexus RX still in the lead.

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    Shouldn’t the Travelall have been more appropriate, then? I’ve always wanted one, a post -69 facelifted, the square ones. Must have been a magnificent feeling roaming around in one of those…

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    Martin Albright

    Yeah, I’m not getting the point either. SUVs, formerly macho mobiles, now favored by women? Welcome to circa 1995.

    When was the Simpson’s “Canyonero” episode? 1998 or so? It was already a tired cliche by then.

    Ingvar: My first two vehicles were Travelalls, both 4x4s. A 1957 that I bought in ’79 and a 1968 that I bought in ’82. Awesome vehicles, ugly as hell but built like tanks. My ’68 had a 345 V-8, 4 speed tranny and – believe it or not – manual steering. Not much fun to park.

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    The pink one is a Mary Kay Cosmetics bonus to a salesperson.

    (duh, should have read the title)

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    Paul Niedermeyer

    The point? I’m celebrating the sighting of my first ever Mary Kay badged pink SRX. But then I live in Eugene; and we’re behind (or ahead?) of the times. Come to think, there are way more old Scouts on the road here than SRXs of any color.

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    Lokki :
    September 4th, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    (Question: How did they classify an International Scout anyhow? I don’t recall hearing the phrase SUV until sometime in the 80’s.)

    These type of “trucks”, whether they be a Scout, Travelall, Ford Bronco, Jeep CJ, Jeep Wagoneer and even Suburbans were referred to as “recreational vehicles”.

    Just as a trivia point, Chevrolet introduced the Suburban in 1935, and Kaiser-Frazer introduced the Vagabond (a hatchback!)in 1949 IIRC. SUV’s have been with us for quite a while!

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    Thank God these things HAVE evoloved!!!

    My dad bought a ’79 Scout when I was a kid, and the thing was atrocious to drive in anything but a foot of snow.

    It even had drum brakes that grabbed and sent the thing in to a spin every time it rained.

    Let’s all put our hands in the air and say Hallelujah!

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    Even the winner in an ugly vs. ugly contest is still ugly. We need a new government program to get those pink obscenities off the road.

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    My dad had a ’70 Scout with the half-a-V8 four-banger. I borrowed it one summer while he was prospecting in Alaska, and found out that it was great for trails in the Pacific northwest; it was narrow enough to squeeze through trees that a lot of 4×4’s couldn’t, and it would splash through foot-deep puddles without missing a beat. But getting to the trail was something else. Everything in or on that rig rattled, clattered, or buzzed, and if you drove with the window open at any speed greater than 30 or so the wind would tear your ear off. It did scare the crap out of me one time when a stick pulled off the oil pressure sensor wire, but I figured it out soon enough.

    The week before he returned, I washed it and cleaned out the interior for him, and found an almost-full box of dynamite caps in the wooden tool/paper/junk box he had between the seats.

    I’m pretty sure he would have laughed out loud if he ever saw a Mary Kay CXL, even though his Scout was dark metallic reddish purple.

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    Ahhh, the Scout. I grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana where those were built, and they were everywhere. An employer had an old Gen1 Scout which they used for snow plowing in the late 70s. It seemed to me that it was designed for people who wanted a Jeep with roll-up windows. And fincar1,your memory does not fail you about the aural feast (constant rattles).

    My best friend’s dad also had a 71 Travelall and later a 74 Scout II. The Scout II was MUCH more civilized than the Gen1. Most of the rattles were gone and it was not a bad driver. Theirs was a 6, which was a pig. But with the 345 V8, those things would scoot.

    We don’t see many Scouts in salt country any more – they had a remarkable ability to rust into practically nothing.

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    Went for a 150-mile ride in the back seat of a buddy’s Scout in the 70’s. Every curve was an ‘adventure’ (as in I thought the we’d roll over for sure any minute). But once we got to the snowy boondocks, the off-roading was a hoot.
    There was quite an aftermarket for rear fenders – it was a common sight in Western PA to see 3-year-old Scouts with huge holes along the rear-fender welds.

    Must be the LCD on this laptop – that SRX looks practically white.

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    “that SRX looks practically white.”

    That’s the way the last few Mary Kay pink Caddies I’ve seen looked in real life…not very much pink color in the paint at all.

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    I saw a new Mary Kay Cadillac CTS Thursday; it was the first Kay-car I’ve seen in at least 10 years. It was sort of a pearlescent-pink color. I didn’t know they had SRX ones too.

    In the late ’70s, one of the people I worked with had a ’76 lime green Scout. I remember it rusting out in the rocker panels, and it was only 3 years old.

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    man, you would be positively giddy with excitement if you saw the Escalade…

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