By on August 1, 2009

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8 Comments on “Ask the Best and Brightest: Yes, but . . . Is This Dyno Test of the Switzer 997TT L5 800 Package the World’s Most Boring Video?...”

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    Aren’t most dyno tests boring unless you like to hear motors pull?

    If I had to pick an impressive dyno test, it would be:

    Makes this high dollar porsche package look kinda wimpy (to me). Porsche motors are nice, but they are still not a inline-6.

    Porsche is doomed to an eternity of boxer 6 cylinder motors in 911-like chassis, at least until electric is big, and then they still put it in the 911 chassis :)

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    I’ve attended a lot of dyno pulls. This is the first one that made me think I was standing next to a 737 on takeoff.

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    No, that’s definately not the worlds most boring video. And neither is this, in fact this clip is excellent,

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    Would I have to drive around with those floor dryers sticking off the rear bumper to get all 800 horsepower?

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    Underwhelming to be sure. But not boring… I watched it twice!

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    Yeah, I spent Friday driving the Switzer P800 GT2 around BeaveRun. Dyno videos are boring but the on-track results of dyno tuning are anything but. 150mph on the front straight, easy as pie.

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    How many laps did you do? How does it handle the heat?

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    @niky: We drove the car 40 out of every 60 minutes for three hours. No heat issues, no problems whatsoever other than the utter capitulation of the front MPSCs. Let’s be conservative and say 90 laps.

    My just-dicking-around runs would have been enough to sit at or near the top of the One Lap of America charts for BeaveRun, no sweat… and this car is totally stock other than the engine mods.

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