Piston Slap: Ville-Marie and the Rotary

Sajeev Mehta
by Sajeev Mehta

TTAC commentator Juniperbug writes:

I live in Montreal. Currently I have an old, unreliable sport bike as a recreational summer vehicle, doing most of my commuting via a mediocre public transit system. I’m considering buying a newish car for work and play. I’m 25, single, full-time employed at a moderately-paying job, and going to be studying part-time to boot. I love heel-toeing just about anything I get my mitts on, and am looking for driving pleasure and not outright speed. Spaciousness is not a priority for my current lifestyle (but is appreciated), but reliability and cost-efficiency are. A 2006-ish Miata seemed to be a great candidate, but while searching the classifieds I noticed that there’s a whole slew of RX-8’s available with around 20k miles for similar money as the Miata.

Are there significant reliability or maintenance issues with the RX? I realize that the rotary is a much more specialized unit, but is it likely to need much maintenance with the mileage that low? Aside from fuel, oil and tire consumption, and probably insurance, what other additional expenses would the RX require?

Whatever I buy will have to be winter-driven in a cold, snowy, salty environment. RWD doesn’t scare me (traction control and winter tires will probably still make it a safer drive than my all-season-equipped Jetta Coupe was), but I’m worried about long-term rust penetration and ground clearance.

What car do you see me in?

Sajeev replies:

I had a discussion with Jonny Lieberman about the RX-8, and how much better it’d be with a different engine. He didn’t buy it and didn’t care for my “LS-X swap” comment one bit. Fair enough, but the RX-8’s engine has mad issues.

Not that I am a rotary hater (twin-turbo RX-7 FTW, baby) but the RX-8 isn’t worthy of the competitors at its price point. And reading this thread on the RX-8 Club forum didn’t help matters. Engine failures are not a rare occurrence on the interweb: which is a great addition to the tapestry woven from a torqueless and relatively slow sports car. Once the warranty runs out, you run away from an RX-8. Or just avoid them altogether.

You can do so much better. Get a Miata and start Autocrossing. Get a 350Z and go anywhere an RX-8 does, faster. Roll the Bullitt Mustang for respectable grip and maximum thrust. Or go plush and refined (ideal for the city) with an LS-powered Pontiac GTO.

But you want fun, so I recommend the Miata and an SCCA/NASA license. Which is made of all kinds of “win.”

Sajeev Mehta
Sajeev Mehta

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  • Dasko Dasko on Jul 09, 2009

    Get a Mazdaspeed car. Mazdaspeed Miata is the Miata go get with the optional hardtop. Mazdaspeed6 is also quite a bargain. The 2004-2006 GTO was never sold in Canada although grey market cars do exist for a couple of thousand more than they are worth in the us. Viggen Saab is awesome. And if you are a VW fan, consider a last gen AWD TT. Or a grey market import 2004 R32.

  • Rx8 Rx8 on Jul 11, 2009

    To sajeev , Before you dump an any car get all your facts straight...ALL Brand of cars have ENGINE Failures. And don't talk about the RX-8 as you know little. If you are a child who judges a cars WORTH by it's speed and power then On a track ( one with corners)the RX-8 is as fast as a BMW M3, or a V8 Holden Monaro. Have you heard about ALL the 09 Subaru Impreza WRX failures, in the US alone some 89, with mileage as slow as 150 and as high as 13,900 Miles!! Toyota still has the record at 1.5 mil sludge engines, Chevrolet, Nissan V6's that drink more oil than any Rotary.Porsche and BMW..it goes on and on...

  • SCE to AUX 08 Rabbit (college car, 128k miles): Everything is expensive and difficult to repair. Bought it several years ago as a favor to a friend leaving the country. I outsourced the clutch ($1200), but I did all other work. Ignition switch, all calipers, pads, rotors, A/C compressor, blower fan, cooling fan, plugs and coils, belts and tensioners, 3 flat tires (nails), and on and on.19 Ioniq EV (66k miles): 12V battery, wipers, 1 set of tires, cabin air filter, new pads and rotors at 15k miles since the factory ones wore funny, 1 qt of reduction gear oil. Insurance is cheap. It costs me nearly nothing to drive it.22 Santa Fe (22k miles): Nothing yet, except oil changes. I dread having to buy tires.
  • AZFelix 2015 Sonata Limited72k when purchased, 176k miles currentlyI perform all maintenance and repairs except for alignment, tire mounting, tire patching, and glass work (tint and passenger left due to rock hit). Most parts purchased through rockauto.com.Maintenance and repairs during three years of ownership:Front rotors and all brake pads upgraded shortly after purchase.Preparing for 17th oil change (full synthetic plus filter c.$50), one PCV valve.Timing & accessory belts, belt tensioner.Coolant full flush and change.Fibrous plastic material engine under tray replaced by aftermarket solid plastic piece $110.One set of tires (c.$500 +installation) plus two replacements and a number of patches due to nails, etc. Second set coming soon.Hood struts $30.Front struts, rear shocks, plus sway bar links, front ball joints, tie rod ends, right CV axle (large rock on freeway damaged it and I took the opportunity to redo the rest of items on this list).Battery c.$260.Two sets of spark plugs @ $50/set.Three sets of cabin and engine filters.Valve cover gasket (next week).Averages out to c.$1400 per year for the past three years. Minor driver seat bolster wear, front rock chips, and assorted dents & dings but otherwise looks and drives very well.
  • 3-On-The-Tree 2014 Ford F150 Ecoboost 3.5L. By 80,000mi I had to have the rear main oil seal replaced twice. Driver side turbo leaking had to have all hoses replaced. Passenger side turbo had to be completely replaced. Engine timing chain front cover leak had to be replaced. Transmission front pump leak had to be removed and replaced. Ford renewed my faith in Extended warranty’s because luckily I had one and used it to the fullest. Sold that truck on caravan and got me a 2021 Tundra Crewmax 4x4. Not a fan of turbos and I will never own a Ford again much less cars with turbos to include newer Toyotas. And I’m a Toyota guy.
  • Duke Woolworth Weight 4800# as I recall.
  • Kwik_Shift_Pro4X '19 Nissan Frontier @78000 miles has been oil changes ( eng/ diffs/ tranny/ transfer). Still on original brakes and second set of tires.