What's Wrong With This Picture: The Comedy of My Enemy is My Comedy Edition

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
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  • U mad scientist U mad scientist on Jun 03, 2009
    Hmm…anybody have her contact info? I have a weak spot for…insane women. When will men learn? Don't stick it in the crazy. It may breed more crazy, if nothing else.

  • Kman Kman on Jun 03, 2009

    Lame. I got bored half-way through...

  • Detroit-X Detroit-X on Jun 03, 2009
    Pig_Iron : Why does law attract a disproportionate number of weird people? That's a good question. Maybe the court/law is like sports for put-down, non-athletic people; consider the rules, boundaries, arena, etc. And then there's the power and revenge aspect. Years ago when I internet dated , I arranged a (first) lunch meeting with a cute prosecuting attorney. While she had bragged on the phone she would reduce some people she cross-examined to tears, she was so insecure that she admitted to almost leaving the restaurant before I got there because she was afraid of being stood up. (As in to avoid a crush to her self-image.) This spoof video is probably a rebuttal to ads about GM's dizz-brunette talking about her Cadillac. In it, the flash-scene where the high-heeled shoe pushes the accelerator pedal down looks just goofy. (Hey! Show me the next scene where she leaves her lane and scrapes the guardrail.)

  • Strippo Strippo on Jun 03, 2009
    “Her real name is Kate McKinnon. I’ll leave it at that.” Google was no help so enlighten me. Google was holding back on you. http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=%22Kate+McKinnon%22&sourceid=navclient-ff&rlz=1B2RNFA_enUS221US221&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wv#