Chrysler Cuts Deal for Lemon Laws, Leads the League

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
chrysler cuts deal for lemon laws leads the league

“Drivers who own [defective, shoddy and/or downright dangerous] Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles will retain their Lemon Law rights to compensation for defects under a deal between U.S. states and Chrysler LLC’s new owners, [Florida] Attorney General Bill McCollum said Wednesday.” And so the AP reassures ChryCo’s remaining half dozen or so prospective retail customers that they can once again buy with confidence from the bankrupt, federally-sponsored zombie automaker. More specifically, Fiat Group SpA has agreed to stand behind ChryCo crap. Not that all Chrysler’s products are crap, obviously. Well, perhaps not that obviously . . .

The AP article reveals that “the latest Florida Lemon Law report for 2007 showed Chrysler led all automakers with 295 cases approved for arbitration—35 percent of the total. Chrysler accounted for 45 percent of all full settlements. The company also tied Ford for most liability awards by the state’s arbitration panel—39, or 23 percent of a total of 171.”

As Lee Iaccoca might say, if you can find a better car, let me know.

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  • Detroit-Iron Detroit-Iron on Jun 05, 2009

    ~10% of the mkt and 45% of the "full settlements"?!? I bet the reason that they are a bankrupt public/private "partnership" is due to the extraordinary economic circumstances. I also believe that professional wrestling is real and that I have a chance of winning the lottery.

  • Kurt. Kurt. on Jun 05, 2009

    I don't know and I'm sure it was a painful process but it sounds to me like Chrysler lived up to their end of the bargain, Mr, Horner. They couldn't provide you with a minimum quality vehicle so they refunded your money so you could go next door. Sounds like a pretty fair deal to me. But again, I'm sure it was a painful process. (Wow, I just stuck up for a dealer! A Chrysler dealer at that!)

  • Zerofoo Zerofoo on Jun 05, 2009

    For all the Chrysler/Jeep bashing here, I've got to say I really like my 04 Grand Cherokee. Sure, it has an old-as-dirt AMC derived 4.0L inline six, but it has decent torque. The car as a whole is OK. Not the most refined thing on four wheels, but it is reliable, and the minor issues I have had with it have been cheap/easy to fix. Too bad all Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep products weren't like that. -ted

  • Kory815 Kory815 on Nov 05, 2009

    I wonder if my and my husbands vehicles qualify for the lemon law!!! I own the 2006 Dodge Charger and only have 24,000 miles. In August of 2009 the car literally started to fall apart, my air conditioner vents fell off, my control panel for my driver side locks fell down in the door panel, I had a diagnostic test completed in which revealed I needed a new FCM, and WCM, now on November 2, 2009 my car has become stuck in park. I have taken my car to another dealership and now they tell me it’s not my FCM it is the radiator fans are both out. Remind you only have 24,000 miles and guess what it is no longer under warranty. It is sad the only option your company could give me is to purchase and extended warranty for $1,400.00 in which you will only cover 50% due to the problems occurring out of warranty. Real nice way to take care of your customer! The icing on the cake my husband who has purchased 4 of your trucks in the past 8 years now has the 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 4X4, and has had his air conditioner stop working 5 times in two years. They have changed 2 compressors, the vent door was replaced and which now has to be replaced again, the dryer has been replaced, and of course we need another new compressor. Oh by the way his warranty has just expired also. I will never purchase another Dodge or Chrysler product ever again and I will be sure to pass this along to every single person who considers to purchase your product. Very dissatisfied Customers!!!