Ford Sales Tank 48 Percent

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
ford sales tank 48 percent

There’s nothing for anyone to like in Ford’s just-released February sales numbers ( PDF), which show sales of all brands down nearly 50 percent. SUVs led declines by category, dropping a staggering 71 percent compared to February ’08. Drops were relatively even by brand, with all of Ford’s brands declining by between 40 and 55 percent. Fusion and Mustang sales dropped by 49.2 and 61.4 percent respectively, while Edge and Taurus X dragged CUV sales down with 55.2 and 46.1 percent decreases. Both of these categories fared much better than Ford’s SUVs which were down over 70 percent. Lincoln sales dropped 41.2 percent with MKZ, Navigator and Mark LT all falling over 65 percent. Mercury’s Sable showed a 35 percent sales increase, holding that brand’s losses to under 50 percent. Volvo lost over 55 percent of its sales versus last February, with S60 (down 79.2 percent) and V70 (down 66.8 percent) leading the way. Volvo’s new XC60 sold only 235 units. Volvo’s best-selling car is the S80, which sold a grand total of 671 units last month.

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  • FromBrazil FromBrazil on Mar 03, 2009

    @flashpoint Worldwide? Maybe US and Western Europe, but not worldwide. Brazil is off just 2% in Feb and India and China seem to be getting back on track. IN US though I hope Ford stays the course, low or no fleet sales, few incentives, and new and improved cars coming (traditional US Fords in 2009, I like the Fusion the Taurus the Flex and Euro ones hopefully in 2010). They do need to have a better small and compact car cthough.

  • PeteMoran PeteMoran on Mar 04, 2009

    F-series down 55% and SUVs down 70%. Horray! Maybe they are finally dying off, or maybe it says people are cautious about fuel costs climbing again if they HAVE to buy a vehicle. Volvo is just...well...sad.

  • BDB BDB on Mar 04, 2009

    @FromBrazil Brazil is one of the few countries that has avoided a recession, your economy is still growing. That's why sales aren't off there. China and India are in danger of recession but aren't there yet.

  • Jared Jared on Mar 04, 2009
    Meanwhile, the Crown Vic is down a mere -16% and the Town Car -17%. The cars that wouldn’t die. Fleet sales. Police departments need to replace cruisers and car services need to replace Town Cars.