Swedish Biz Mag Poll: Will Saab Survive?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
swedish biz mag poll will saab survive

[Thanks to Ola for the link and translation.]

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  • Mike the loser Mike the loser on Feb 20, 2009

    "Ja"????????????? I didn't know Saab was based in Jamaica.

  • Stein X Leikanger Stein X Leikanger on Feb 20, 2009

    Saw this when I checked out Dagens Industri earlier, and was surprised that it was so clearly against. But then Swedes are solidly down to earth when it comes to the reality based community. Sad.

  • Rod Panhard Rod Panhard on Feb 20, 2009

    Well, if both Indian and Triumph motorcycles can come back from the dead, maybe one day, Saab will too. Cue the old Erik Carlsson rally films.

  • Martin Schwoerer Martin Schwoerer on Feb 21, 2009

    To me, the bail-out discussion gives a good indicateion which countries are socialist and which are not.