Chrysler's New Viability Plan: Cheap Flash-Based Games

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
chrysler s new viability plan cheap flash based games

OK, so I don’t expect (most of) the B&B to be entertained by a Flash-based, Frogger-clone “driving game” for more than a few seconds, but if iMotor’s “Save Chrysler” game isn’t a sign of the times I don’t know what is. The gist? Choose from Chrysler’s best products (PT Cruiser, Sebring Convertible, Viper ACR or The General Lee) and hit the road to keep Chrysler afloat. Avoid other cars and hit bonus icons to earn “cash” and weeks of viability for the Cerburian dog. Best of all, when you hit a Fiat logo you get to hear “Mama Mia!” and when you hit a Terminator icon you can hear Arnie assure you that he’ll “be back.” Hilarity! Now if only revamping Chrysler were as easy as not crashing a PT Cruiser, we’d be getting somewhere. Sadly, mashing arrow keys has not yet been proven to have a salutory effect on failing businesses.

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  • Mrb00st Mrb00st on Feb 23, 2009

    you were right, it was only amusing for about 15 seconds.

  • Usta Bee Usta Bee on Feb 23, 2009

    Are there bulldozers set up blocking the road like in Vanashing Point ?.

  • John Horner John Horner on Feb 23, 2009

    Harumph, doesn't play well with Firefox. Try as I might, I couldn't keep the company alive for more than 109 weeks. Optimistic I think!

  • Akear Akear on Feb 23, 2009

    A sense of humor makes facing death easier.