Ask the Best and Brightest: What to Replace Mazda3?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
ask the best and brightest what to replace mazda3

TTAC commentator Kurt B writes: “I’ve been a long-time Mazda owner; I’m on Mazda number six. But I’ve finally hit the wall. The center stack is too wide in my current Mazda 3 and the seat doesn’t slide back far enough, which forces me to tilt my right foot to the right slightly while driving. Now that I’m approaching 40 (I suppose that’s the reason) I’m starting to get wicked hip and joint pain and a sore knee on drives over an hour, which are, unfortunately, too frequent these days. I also own a Mazda 6 wagon which is slightly better but not perfect. Headroom is another issue to be considered as I’m 6’4″. The Mazdas have no problem there.” So, assume that Kurt B wants the same car only better. What would that be?

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  • Usta Bee Usta Bee on Jan 14, 2009

    I know what you mean by having leg pain when you're pushing 40. Last year when I was 41 I broke my leg and ankle and drove myself to the emergency room. I also drove after they put the cast on my right leg from the toes up to my knee. I had to accelerate by pushing down on the top of my knee with my hand, that was a bitch, left foot braking was fun too.

  • Dougjp Dougjp on Jan 15, 2009

    @Kurt, I'm 61, 6' 1", retired (also live in the Toronto area), have some back issues and can drive my '04 Accord EXL V6 6 speed Coupe all day without any problems. Good seat travel and the centre stack doesn't bother me (it does in other cars). Gets 37 MPG highway on regular too. Perfect car for you except for being 2 door & the access to the rear seats. About to trade it on a used 545i, 330i or A/S4 due to my usual winter cabin fever insanity to do something about cars. I shop very much based on seating excellence and driving comfort together with decent performance. Looked at Infinity as its the other obvious lower cost choice compared to the above. I found the clutch spring weighting was wrong plus the odd seat adjustment panel location feels uncomfortable. By the way with the Sonata it had (until it was fixed in the current model) too short a bottom of the seat which many found uncomfortable.

  • Psarhjinian Psarhjinian on Jan 15, 2009
    Maybe you could try Holzman’s car instead of his excercise regime. Honda Accord FTW. They even made it bigger for you this year! I've been in the Accord. It's big, but the headroom is lacking, as it is in just about every mainstreamer excepting the Camry, which suffers from short seat cushions. The mandatory sunroof in the TSX makes it an even worse choice. I did get some time in an IS250 recently, which can be had without sunroof. The front seats in that car are awesome (the rears are for small, legless children). I tried the Mercedes B200 on a lark, and even with the sunroof it's very comfortable. If you can stand driving the Ultimate Poseur Machine, it's a pretty good car.

  • Kieran Kieran on Jul 30, 2012

    I have a Mazda three aswell, and I really want to get rid of it. it's way to cramped in the back and I have to hold onto the roof to even get out! I've been looking for a while and I've come with two options, if ur willing to pay more for a better car, As in more interior space and way batter looks than the mazda, consider the Volvo c30, but e car that I would strongly recommend for a replacement for the Mazda would have to be the Toyota gt-86, or the Subaru BRZ, Orr the scion fr-s, either way they are all the same car, same looks, same handling, just different brands, whichever you choose, you will not be disappointed. You get a boxer engine with around 200 bhp, you sat nav, climate control, everything, for just around 27,000 for a fully equipped model! A brand new Mazda three from 5 years ago was 1000 dollars more! I know that dosn't seem like much, but you want to save some money, whichever the choice, either the c30 or the subaru, Toyota, scion trio, your well caterd for and get allot for your money