TTAC Ten Worst Awards 2008 – Nominations Open 'til Midnight Sunday

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

Just a quick reminder that we’re still accepting nominations for TTAC’s Ten Worst Awards. As a pro and anti-Toyota Prius debate hijacked the original thread– unquashed due the passion and quality of the kerfuffle– I’ve decided to open a new post to allow more nominations in a cleaner, fresher, kindler and gentler commentarium. So if you haven’t chimed-in with your favorite worst vehicle sold in American (as new during calendar year 2008), please do so below. Again, please make your comments as pithy as poss, as we will be quoting the best in our list of final nominees. To refresh your memory, I suggest a cup of Clover-brewed Ethiopian Sulawesi. Woo-hoo! Sorry, what I meant to say: here’s the complete timetable via our dearly-departed though-not-dead-by-any-means Frank Williams. Note: we reserve the right to screw it up.

Thursday Dec 4: Nominations start
Sunday Dec 7 Nominations close at 12 PM
Monday Dec 8: List to writers to select semifinalists
Wed Dec 10: Writers have their selections back by midnight
Thurs Dec 11 : Voting on finalists starts as soon as I can get the poll built
Sunday Dec 14: Voting closes at midnight;
Monday Dec 15; Winners sent to writers for comments
Thursday Dec 19: Writers have comments back
Friday Dec 20: Winners announced

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  • Obbop Obbop on Dec 06, 2008

    Add any Audi to the list. Better yet, add all Audi models to the list. That Audi do the trick to sate my general despisement of Audis. Many reasons for my assuredly subjective beliefs. Last Audi I drove was a 1980 5000. Still despise that car.

  • Reclusive_in_nature Reclusive_in_nature on Dec 06, 2008

    I tried to post my nomination last night, but for some reason it wouldn't go through. So... I nominate the Toyota Prius. My reason? No other vehicle I can think of can turn regular people into self righteous douche bags. I'm going to be sorely disappointed if it doesn't make the list.

  • Giltibo Giltibo on Dec 07, 2008

    The Prius and Smart ForTwos may seem like crapshoots right now with cheap gas but don't forget it's not gonna be this way forever. Times of sky-high gas prices are gonna be back before you know it...

  • Michael Ayoub Michael Ayoub on Dec 08, 2008

    (I know the nominations are over, but I wanted to say this.) See, I don't think the Prius should be nominated. I don't disagree with anything you said about it, but still, it's not on of the ten WORST CARS. Why? Because it definitely succeeds at doing what it's trying to, namely, provide excellent fuel economy and have a decent amount of space and seating capacity. It's boring, it's ugly, etc., but at least it succeeds at what it tries to do.